Fansub Review: [A-Destiny_SGKK] Toriko (Episode 01)

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I can’t decide what’s worse – the subs or the show. This review is going to be brutal (time for an entertaining review for once, eh?).

These subs are so bad that I attributed the editing fail to the characters in this show. And lucky me, this shitty show was 40 minutes long. Obviously, I had to cut out some legit errors, which means you know the final grade is gonna suck. First episode was a One Piece crossover, BTW. That’s why there are OP characters all over the place.


Example of the show’s QUALITY.

Example of Nami’s breasts.

Today will be a special edition Toriko and One Piece collaboration.

Don’t just say

“Just after we”. Why on earth would you put “we’ve”?

Meat isn’t carnivorous. I don’t know if the editor was inspired by drinking lead paint or if he was born this dumb.

Oh my.

You mean incredibly.

Great TL notes, guys. Protip: you can just call him a gourmand without getting all wapanese.

Unless their editor is in pre-school, he has no excuse for not knowing how2numbers.

it’s like it’s like a really shitty line almost like it’s written by a guy who needs to drink battery acid.

teeming, not being teeming. Jesus…

Not just one. The one. At this point my moron alarm broke.

You don’t wear a steel armor. You wear steel armor. They should really rename themselves [HerpXDerp].

No, you retard. You didn’t pick them up before, you picked them up earlier. Earlier.

Different additional flavors, eh? I think if I saw the editor of this script on the street, he’d be passed out, lying in a puddle of his own drool and piss. I’d be pleased. Know why? Cuz when he’s passed out he can’t edit. My fucking god, these subs are shit.

My word.

At some point they had to realize this was eyecancer. But they decided to go through with it. Dear A-Destiny_SGKK, fuck you guys. Fuck you so hard.

*eye twitch*

That’s it. Jesus Christ. Remedial school for the lot of them.

Overall grade: D-

Ayako, you have some serious competition now.

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      • Only to the extent of using mkvextract and mkvmerge to dick around with .ass files, usually to fix regrettable font choices. (“Hur hur, he said ‘dick around with .ass’.”) But drop me a line; your logs ought to have my email address, right?

  1. Does anyone have a clue which subs were better as of the second episode? Was this better or was Animearth-Kaen still much better than SGKK and Anime-Destiny?

    • I’m in the middle of re-reviewing SGKK’s episode 2, because they deserve a re-review.

      From what I’ve seen so far, though, they definitely improved but I really like AEarth’s style more.


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