Fansub Review: [Commie] Maria+Holic Alive (Episode 01)

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Awww yeah, season 2 GET! [Review is broken. I’m not gonna fix it.]

OP, no ED this episode. Like many Commie karas, this one changes based on the scene.

There is no line that follows this, therefore no need for a comma. Drop it.

“I will also” was way too unclearly phrased. How about “I’ll have one, too!”

maps, so I


Well, unless the English language magically changed overnight to make “parents” singular.

You mean impenetrable. Impermeable would mean the dorm was covered in a raincoat.

It may just be me, but I think she’s asking a question here.

But even though it looks like it’s boiling, it’s probably just lukewarm.


pain-in-the-butt routine. pain-in-the-butt is being used as an adjective here so it must be formed like that.

But if we don’t make it past this, we’ll be done here! {or maybe ‘goners’, depending on what the translator says}

feelings. They each have feelings for the other.

in an Ame-no-etc. uniform.


Overall grade: B

For a script this long and wordy, they did a good job. The script would probably be enough to drive any editor mad.

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