Fansub Review: [gg] Dororon Enma-kun Meramera (Episode 01)

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Breaking off demon’s dicks. No biggie.

OP/ED. I want to reiterate that I don’t comment on OP/ED quality, so you won’t see me point out how shittily-done the kara is here.

A company is an entity, ergo it is singular.

The bath house raised its prices again.

Hurry up, you kids. If you don’t, I won’t buy you any sweets!

This reads as “the nineteen ninety-ninth year”

when it should read

“the one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-ninth year”.

So comma that shit. 1,999th year.

She literally says “Okay!” in English. How do you fail at that translation? It’s English to English. There should be no miscommunication here.


Thanks, Yuki!

Overall grade: A-

This was surprisingly well done, especially considering the show seems kinda kiddy.

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    • It doesn’t seem like a kid’s show to you? That’s interesting. Must be for 18+ if it airs that late, right?

  1. it’s for the kids who grew up with the 1973 original anime, not today’s kids. It’s juvenile as fuck because they want to keep the spirit of the original along the way. Also Go Nagai.

    There’s another version of this called Kikoushi Enma released in 2006 (the main cast is all grown up)and that one was genuine horror with blood and stuff.

    • Wait, this isn’t for kids? Damn, I’m totally out of it these days.

      I also watched Kikoushi Enma and I really liked it. So I was naturally not too pleased when I saw the direction the series went after that. :X

  2. So all you need to do to write a review these days is point out a few nitpicks in the punctuation and not really add anything else? I wish I had known that during high school English. “This book had no obvious grammatical errors. A+”

    But seriously, it’d be nice to see more insight than what just amounts to a post-release QC pass. Why do you think the subs were good overall, etc? What are some examples of lines that worked?

    And a couple of specifics: one, companies being singular/plural is a dialect thing. Here in Australia we’d say “raised their prices” as shown (since a company is generally seen as a group of people). Given that America is not the centre of the world, I’d say either is fine.

    Secondly, the “You got it!” line being incorrect because they didn’t sub it as “Okay!” – seriously? They mean the same thing but “You got it!” sounds more natural – isn’t that the point of editing? Do you really think all English words in the original script should be brought across literally, and if so would you prefer the line “We’re going to the live” over “We’re going to the concert”? Of close not. It really felt like you were reaching for things to complain about with that one.

    • Yes, I’m reaching. The fuck did you want? Me to strap a dildo on koda and suck it? You should be able to determine from the content of my post whether or not the subs were good. In this case, they were very, very good.

      You’re right, though. I’m a bit too focused on the errors. I’ll incorporate your suggestion into future reviews. Also, I should note that gg goes by American English, so talking about how kawaii British English happens to be is irrelevant.

      Also, what do you mean “these days”? Far as I know, I’m the only one who’s bothered to do anything even close to a fansub review beyond a few one-shot blog posts on other sites. Am I not?

      • What do I want? Proper reviews instead of just nitpicking, basically. When you have to reach so much that your complaints don’t really make sense any more (as with the “Okay!”) one, it’s nitpicking.

        I also don’t think most people watching the subs give a shit about whether they’re in American English or British English or not. I know I don’t, which is why I would say either way of writing the “raised their prices” sentence is acceptable.

        By “these days” I’m referring to reviews in general, unless you thought I spent high school English writing fansub reviews. When I read this review, I felt like you couldn’t really find much fault with the subs but also couldn’t really think of anything much else to say either, so you wrote up a bunch of really minor/nonsensical nitpicks instead to fill space. Am I wrong?

        • I guess you’re right, in a way. It’s not that I can’t think of anything to say (since you brought it up I can think of numerous things that I liked about the subs), it’s more that I figured people are here to see me take the piss out of groups’ subtitles.

          I didn’t realize anyone wanted me to actually look at the style of the English/how it fits with the show/etc. That’s mostly covered (in the negative sense) when I point out jarring mistakes, but avoided when I see a group’s subs that I like.

          Do you have similar problems with my other reviews or were the mistakes sufficient enough for my style to inform an opinion?

          • It’d just be nice to read a bit more insight as to why good subs are good (or even why bad subs are bad as opposed to just pointing out specific lines). I mean, I’ll put it this way – I doubt anyone is reading these reviews because they care about stuff like whether “mega-popular” is hyphenated or not. I can hardly imagine that being a dealbreaker for anyone.

            I’d be interested in just knowing in general about the quality of the script and writing. It’d also be helpful if you knew anyone who could verify the accuracy of the translation because I don’t know enough Japanese myself to verify it properly and so that’d be useful information to get from a review such as this.

            I haven’t read the other reviews yet but if they’re similar then yes, probably.

    • i, for one, do think all English words in the original script should be brought across literally because that’s what they’re saying. it’s the same as a american boy saying in english “see you later” and the subtitle says “bye bye”. i like to read what i hear; that’s justice for me.

  3. Out of interest, do you know any Japanese? Your comments all seem to be focused on English quality rather than the quality of the translation (which would seem to be a pretty key part of a fansub).

    Also, how did you miss:
    Kappa: “(…)Hell House.” (jigoku bessou)
    Girl: “Underworld?” (jigoku?)

    I’m used to gg not bothering with QC, but I’m surprised that someone with attention to detail would overlook such a thing.


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