Fansub Review: [Doki] A-Channel (Episode 01)

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Two good releases of A-Channel, eh? Lucky, lucky for A-Channel fans~


No comma there.

“Aren’t they?” or if you wanna go totally valley girl “I know, right?”

“I was just caught in the habit from when I was a freshman.”

Really, a lot of phrases would work here. The line’s just really awkward.

You’ll look like an idiot if you hurt yourself with a piece of candy.

“I told you so.” or “I knew this would happen.”

If Run is intended to be following up the question directly, she should say “What are those again?”

If Run is intended to not be paying attention to the question, she should say “What’re you talking about?”

Or you know, something similar. Gist is that the second line’s a bit off.

What she means is “Hey, you know some things that I didn’t expect you would.”

But my brain’s dead right now and that’s probably too long. Solution should be simple, but I’m durr. Free glomps to the first person who makes a good suggestion~

Overall grade: B+ (a high one)

Great job from Doki. I thought EveTaku had this in the bag, but I guess the competition’s fiercer than expected.

If I had to choose between Doki and EveTaku, I’d have to give the nod to Doki. They didn’t have as many things that I’d want to change in terms of the English. Additionally, they have the advantage of fansub experience whereas EveTaku are newcomers to the field. But it’s hard to differentiate considering both groups had good releases. You’d be fine either way.

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  1. I agree that both groups have good enough translations, but I would put Doki in front too based on the fact that they actually have karaoke and better typesetting, which is the next important thing after translation and editing quality. (I don’t care much for video quality of TV rips)

  2. “Right?”

    That’s not Valley Girl, that’s everyone under the age of 40, and some of us over. On the other hand, why the British spelling of “favorites”?

    I’d have just added a comma: “You’ll look like an idiot, hurting yourself with a piece of candy.”

    “Hey, you have some unexpected knowledge.”

  3. “On the other hand, why the British spelling of “favorites”?”

    I am from the UK. Therefore I use British English. The usage of Mum (not Mom) caused a shitstorm on /a/ the other day. It was quite amusing.

    • I’m hip to British usage, as long as it’s consistent. There are fansubbers who tend toward UKoGBaNIisms, but I don’t think Doki is one of them.

      Really, though, I’m just surprised Dark_Sage didn’t comment on that; he’s pretty gung-ho about sticking to American usage, generally.

      • You misunderstand my complaints about American/British English usage. When subs are British English subs, I will not complain when they use British English. That would just be stupid. I have pointed out various mistakes and been informed that they are correct in British English. Therefore, I took them out of my reviews. I’m not here to advocate one style over the other.

        I complain about random British English in American English subtitles because it doesn’t fit. Most subs out there are American English, so you’re going to see me picking a lot of the British English out of those subs. You will never see me call out Doki for using “towards”, but if I see that shit in a gg release, you had best believe I’m gonna say something.

        • You’d be retarded for pointing out something like “towards.” It may not be “correct”, but “towards” is actually used quite a lot. You shouldn’t be looking at subs for whether they’re 100% grammatically correct or not, you should be looking at them to see if they actually sound natural and something someone would say. No one talks 100% grammatically correct.

        • Well OK then. I hadn’t noticed that Doki leaned British, but if so, then of course I concede that point. I’m about 16 years out of date in my first-hand knowledge of British slang, so it could be that “Right?” is also a bit off; but I’d like to hear from Holo or some other actual Brit on that point.


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