Fansub Review: [IB] Dog Days (Episode 01)

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Better than Ayako, and that’s what counts.


This is like saying “the soldiers will attack the Knox Fort.”

-the Nion Fort

+Fort Nion

Is the Galette army really planning on marching here?

For you hurr-durr purists who are like “they didn’t say army!” then the line still needs to be rephrased. “Are the Galettians really […]” or something similar.

Sir Brioche. A knight’s title is not knight. It’s sir. Or

<+Sunny|Out> Lord~
<+Sunny|Out> Lord Brioche~

Lord could work. I prefer Sir, though.

You don’t really need Filianno in there.

even this castle will be…

Mom and Dad

I get what they were going for here, but this is like saying “I am the governor of Texas, United States of America”

Mmmm… How about “I already know your name”

Filianno Castle

It’s the name of the castle, don’t cha know?

the Knight of Beasts

supreme commander, Leonmitchelli,

country, so it might heat up…

Why do I bitch about commas? Cuz they affect how the line is pronounced. If you don’t have proper pausing, shit reads real weird.

Ready your top hats and monocles. This shit is about to get pretentious.

Dear sirs, I believe the word you are looking for is “whom”.

As princess is a title they have undoubtedly used for her multiple times, it’s proper to capitalize it.


I’m sorry, that wasn’t an error. I just thought I’d include some fap material for all you guys. Ladies, I’ll be on the look out for schlick material, you have my word!

Overall grade: B

Good stuff. Keep your eyes on the prize, cowboys. ^_~


Not sure how Hina-Hiryuu did. I’ll look over their stuff later tonight.

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    • I should also note that “mail” is used in Japanese instead of “text” because they use that crazy mailing system, since you can’t text between providers in Japan.
      But who am I to critique my work being critiqued by someone else.

      • Critique as much as you want, dude. I ain’t perfect. Still, you’re editing for an American audience which doesn’t have that system. If it’s between texting and emailing to describe that system, wouldn’t texting be more appropriate?

  1. How in the hell did you rate this higher than Ayako, Dark Sage? Are you just getting senile from your old age, baldy? IB’s release of Dog Days was terrible. Sure Ayako’s file size was troll-ingly large but the quality of the editing was superior and had very little mistakes. I really must ask if you even speak English in a fluent tongue, you dog.

    Also, as much as I hate to say it, I do agree with Amanatsu that mail is more appropriate than text, because mailing is what they literally do.

  2. I think they’re a bit better (not by too much) but what urks me is they got some of the characters names wrong. More romanized or something over looking up proper spelling of their names.

  3. Found this while looking for a site that reviews fansubs, but if this particular review is any indicator I’ll keep looking. Your “corrections” are so often erroneous that I can’t even bother to list them all, but I’ll give you one:

    The title of a fort can be “Fort X” or “X Fort”. It all depends on who named it. I find it funny that you then go on to point out the lack of capitalization in Filianno Castle, but don’t complain that it isn’t the other way around too. I guess whichever real castle you have stuck in your head must be named that way.


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