Fansub Review: [AE-Kaen] Toriko (Episode 02)

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You know the drill, let’s do this.



their nature.

What kind of wagyu beef is it? It’s A5-quality wagyu beef.

Everyday is an adjective. You want “every day”.

Torik’s sense of smell surpasses that of police dogs.

Not complete. You don’t complete levels in this sense. Try “handle” or “take on”.

Why would the ownership of the tank be important? It’s irrelevant. He means “IGO tank”, not “IGO-owned tank”.

How can an ecosystem be eaten out by something?

Really? The word is wherever.

You can use “The” or “Said”, but not both! Personally, I’d prefer “That” here.

You realized what?

Overall grade: B

I guess they realized that it’s important to allow editors to actually edit. Sometimes the TL doesn’t always know best. :S

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  1. They did a pretty good job so far, considering the fact taht they are Greek fansubbers and this is their first English release.

    • Schedules, mostly. I can expound upon the fansubbing process, but it varies between groups.

      Speedsubs are just highly-motivated and coordinated with the goal of fast releases.


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