Fansub Review: [ILMNW] Astarotte no Omocha (Episode 01)

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Note: I decided to review this show instead of edit it for a group. I’m truly dedicated to you~

These are edited CR rips. I compared them with the HorribleSubs script and for every two right things they did, they did something wrong. That’s not how you edit CR scripts. .____.

No OP/ED provided by the subbers.

Why “their own” and not just “their”?

I don’t know if “huh” is right for this. How about “What the fuck did I just read?”

sucking them out of their lifeseed? What? Replace “lifeseed” with cum. Still doesn’t make sense. Fuck this line.

Realm of Creatures

You mean “what I should try first”?

WTF @ this line.

This actually comes off the previous picture. Protip: a day cannot be soft.


Overall grade: B

The subs are watchable, but when you edit Crunchyroll scripts, the goal is not to fuck them up more than they already are. ILMNW forgot about that golden rule. :(

9 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [ILMNW] Astarotte no Omocha (Episode 01)”

  1. Yeah, the titles and the lines in the two last pictures make no sense. I have no idea why CR translated them so :F

    I knew I fucked up something, I’ll try to make better job next time :3

  2. So far it’s just this but I was hoping some other group would do this show. Doesn’t feel like it unless they’re taking their time.

  3. I’d give the original Horriblesubs a solid “A”. I can’t find anything worth mentioning wrong with them honestly. Except maybe the episode titles.

    ILMNW’s edits I have to fail cause he didn’t improve any lines that I saw… only maybe made them worse… also his font is a little too big.

  4. I noticed SFW came back and did this, and mentioned you helped which of course you seemily denied.

    Do you know if they’ll keep doing it?

    • <&Dark_Sage> Yo, SFW is planning to sub the entire series, right? Someone asked me about it~
      <&Puff-kun> tabun

      Also, I only helped edit the OP/ED. I’ll review their version right now.

  5. Wow.. SFW’s subs for this show are pretty good… I think I like them better than CR’s… I’m amazed. As usually I find CR’s subs to be better than fansubs in the majority of cases.


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