Fansub Review: [Hiryuu-Hina] Dog Days (Episode 02)

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Right, I did promise this.


This needs no question mark.

your weapon,

If you touch your opponents’ heads or backs, they will also be knocked out.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

You mean the Imperial Knights.

With that,

Unlike last time,

with this,

Her Excellency

Next time, I’ll make sure to take you over. Or something. Anything but giving a proper invasion.




Overall grade: B

Yeah, I think I like Hiryuu-Hina’s release the best for this show. Stupid comma errors, though.

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  1. I think Ruri is best for this show, they’re just late though. Plus they said Princess-sama at around 2:33. Hime or Hime-sama mean the same thing so theres no need for “sama” in there. Also, and this is more preference, but they do have some characters names wrong, even though they could look up how to spell them.

  2. Wow, we came out fairly unscathed, mostly bad commas.

    The Imperial Knights one, as I’ve told the staff is the one that annoys me the most. We already had a mini-debate about the invasion line when it came too – It would’ve been “prepare a proper invasion” if I had my way. Suggesting she succeeds is too liberal, especially given the context in that entertainment seems to be more important than winning.

    Thanks for the review.

  3. @Dark_Sage: Guess I’ll have to look out for those commas in the future. >._>

    @Kisaragi: Where could we have looked the names up? AniDB is the only place that comes to mind and their names are not official ones.
    As far as I know the first official names came out only today: Cinque Izumi, Riccotta, and Eclair. Admittedly, we spelled Cinque wrong, but so did everyone else. :p (We also have some names that are not grammatically correct, as I’ve been told by a French fan – we’re waiting for the official names to come out before touching those, though).
    About Princess-sama: We left it in, because it is used to directly address her, which goes in line with the honorifics usage throughout the episode.

    Anyway, not as good as I had hoped for, but I will make sure to pay at least twice the attention to those commas from here on out. >.<

    • Err, first part should’ve been:

      @Dark_Sage: Guess I’ll have to look out for those commas in the future. >._>
      Thanks for the review and for the important pointers for the future. ^^

      • @Dark_Sage: Guess I’ll have to look out for those commas in the future. ^^
        About ‘proper invasion’: They’re treating war/invasions like games or matches, so I saw it from that angle.
        ‘Next time I’ll give you a proper match.’ vs. ‘Next time I’ll give you a proper invasion.’ Works for me, but we’re going to discuss whether to change it. ^^
        Everything else is pretty much spot-on and that ‘Imperial Guard of Knights’ is a mess-up that really shouldn’t have happened. :(

        The blog doesn’t like my ‘>’ and ‘<' based smilies,it seems.

        • I wonder if Dark watches the anime or only focus on the subs, placing a piece of cartboard with a gap below so he can watch the subs XD

        • So where might this source of offical names be anyway? I also know everyone got the main characters name wrong, as it’s either Shinku, Sink, or Cinque, which I’ll agree it’d be more the latter since the Cinque in Nanoha is pronounced the same but has different hiragana/katagana.

          Also, AniDB isn’t the only place to look it up, as theres also ANN (names are still a bit wrong there though, doubt they’d change it) and wikipedia. Wiki pretty much has all the names “correct so far” for all the characters except Cinque. I quoted that since you said there is a source for offical names and I do wish to see it.

          • From audio to subs, or from moonrunes to subs, it won’t be official. Wiki is user-contributed, and other sites are guessing just the same.
            You mentioned we could have looked the official names up, so I was asking where. Naming a few sites that are guessing them is not really helping – put simply you calling our names wrong without having any correct ones is just ~_~.
            Truth is that unless the companies themselves decide to release the English versions of the names, nothing is official.

            As far as I know this only happened for three names so far – they’ve been publicized in Nyantype. LQ scan here:

  4. Just to poke fun of Dark_Sage

    “If you touch your opponents’ heads or backs, hey will also be knocked out.”

    Wasn’t it suppose to be “they” instead of “hey”?


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