Fansub Review: [gg] Ao no Exorcist (Episode 01)

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Nice job, gg. You guys earned yourselves a solid D. Tamesuu, you said you’d v2 if I found errors, right? Get on it.

No OP this episode.

When I saw the title, I knew I was gonna be in for an interesting experience. Interesting capitalization rules there.

Oh my. This should be “Brother”. This is not a single, isolated incidence – it is dedicated stupidity.

Why? “Brother” is being used as a proper noun in this sense. Try replacing brother/father/etc. with the person’s name. If it makes sense, capitalize brother/father. If not, then don’t.

Spring should not be capitalized. “division”? Ugh.

This spring, he easily got into True Cross Academy High School.

But the older one only causes trouble.

If only? If only what? If you want to leave that line as-is “Herp derp but people say it like this!” then take out the “Hey, Rin,” bit.

This is what Captain Badass says? “It smarts”?

“Drop out from your jobs”? The idea here is that he keeps getting fired. There’s a difference. One’s a term that people use, the other isn’t.


These aren’t just lol comma mistakes. They’re essential to not fucking up the script.

No. Liar. Goddammit.

Even kids know to capitalize Daddy. Where the fuck did you miss this in your education?

Like, really, dude! Avoid “like” as much as possible. We get enough of it in common speech.

because “ya damned geezer” would make way too muh sense. No, do a super-literal translation that sounds like shit. That’s the way to go!

You mean “I thought so…”?

This way, it’ll taste like a pro chef made it!

Simple fucking changes for simply stupid sentences.


No tears here!

party, so

What is this, Ayako?

During the night,


If even you won’t believe her, who can she depend on?!

“Are you available?” is the line we’d use in English.


a few times more -> many times over.

The idea is that he got hurt so he’s going to hurt MC-kun twice as hard.


“Satan’s child” is not “the demon among demons”. Work on your fucking comma usage, tards.


Overall grade: D

D for Durrrrrr


From what I’ve heard, none of the people on this project are editors. Hopefully these tips will help them fix their English for future releases.

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  1. You didn’t even got half of the errors. I dunno about the grammar, but their whole translation is fucked up. I count around 40 translation errors last night.

    Sorry about my English, but I’m not a native speaker.

    • That is so sad considering the editors on Ao no Exorcist are actually supposed to be translators.

      < freya> No, the people editing c and aoex are normally tlers who wanted to take a stab at editing

      • Eh, Good_Haro is the editor for C. She was also the editor for Star Driver and she did a pretty good job. I never saw her tling tho.

    • Koda edits all of one show this season, if that (check the staff page). Her working on a project doesn’t magically make the script better since she isn’t always the editor.

      That said, you can clearly see the varying quality of gg’s shows this season, and the “teams” within gg that work on them. If it were up to me, I’d have Enma’s translator and editor do everything this season.

      • Well you see, koda and TheFluff had nothing to do with AonoEx. The rest of the staff handed it to TheFluff and, “release this.” And it’s proven that if koda works on a project, whether as an editor or not, the releases wont be shitty. see:soremachi it had v4s. Vfucking4s.

  2. For the future, I’m not the one to bring errors to- I don’t do anything. If a v2 for anything comes out, it’s because the TL and/or editor of a show decided on it.

    BlackHakuchou, it sounds like it’s time for you to start a blog, too -_-

  3. Like, really, dude! Avoid “like” as much as possible. We get enough of it in common speech.

    But isn’t that what subs are supposed to translate, common speech? I mean, yes, you can go overboard with the localizations and slangs, but at the same time they’re not exactly writing thesis papers here.

    Not that I’ve actually seen the scene in question to judge if that line is actually appropriate, but generally if people do say “like” in normal conversations, I think they should be allowed to do the same in their subs.

    TLDR, they should get a new editor, but, like, don’t be such a bummer maaaaaan ( ¯3¯)y-~

    • Like, um, do realize how much most people like to use like, right? I mean, it’s like so common that like it gets annoying if it’s like written out. If we were to like reflect actual speech, then it would be like this like. Like, you would probably be mad if you like heard yourself speaking. Try to like record you conversations and like listen to them and record all the likes you hear. I don’t think you’ll like it.

  4. I agree with kokujin-kun. The subtitles are supposed to be common speech, because like, THEY’RE FUCKING TALKING, not explaining a whole fucking English session.

    • Us guys are some of the people who give you that for free. And you may not realize it, but from the comments I’ve received, a large portion of the readers of this blog are fansubbers.

      These reviews have actually improved groups’ releases in numerous different ways. I’m not going to name any names here, but if you want a list of what I’ve heard, find me on IRC. I think you’d be surprised.


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