Fansub Review: [Chihiro] Hidan no Aria (Episode 01)

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Did the editor die after the second half? I was really thinking I’d be like “And Chihiro rocked the fuck out of this episode!” Unfortunately…


I really didn’t wanna go with this adjective errors, but it’s messed-up. Yes, this significantly fucked with my head that I felt it needed to be changed. Fuck you, I’m OCD.

This is coming off a girl saying she worried about him. Obviously, she’s still worrying. Learn to fucking context, the phrase should be  “You don’t have to {be worried about me}.”

Butei killer. Why? Cuz in the news, these kinds of people are referred to as killers, not murderers. When you think of killer, it’s serial killer. Murderer? Mass murderer.

justice, just like

It really does make it flow better with a comma.

Again, a comma would work wonders for this line.

normal, everyday life.

As opposed to the real ones? I mean, what?

Not “they”. “you”. He’s talking to a class of Butei and instructing them on their duties, etc.

However, unlike the police,

I’m sorry, but a comma is necessary here. No arguments. If you wanna debate this, make a post in the comments and I’ll be like “However unlike an idiot you try to seem, you still are one.” Get it? That’s a hint as to what’s wrong.

jack-of-all-trades. Also, this line sucks.

It’s easy to make this not sound like shit. Why did Chihiro fail it?

Question mark here. Goddamn.


Why did you say damn? He’s not mad. He’s not getting shot at, why the fuck would he be mad? Jesus tapdancing Christ…

No… I don’t even want to explain this. Fucking fail at context, all the fucking time. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Sexual assault. How do you fuck this up? HOW DO YOU FUCK THIS UP?!

I am at a loss for words.

She totally gets it!

“Oh my gosh!”

No. Never. NEVER.

girlfriend, and


Overall grade: C+

The editor on the first half did okay, but he must have given up after the second half. Way to fail.

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  1. >They are allowed to wield weapons and conduct actions like the police.
    Actually the school’s students aren’t Butei yet, they will be when they graduate, so it’s fine to use ‘They’ here.

    >That was indecent assault! You’re a criminal!
    Indecent assault =/= sexual assault, at least in England. I’m not sure whether the US has such an equivalent offence though.

  2. Umm…

    “Besides, there’s another Butei murderer on the loose. I wonder if they’ll show up.”

    They’ll? Should’nt that be him or her, or at leaset “that person”? Otherwise should it be “more Butie murderers”? How did you miss this? Only one error per screenshot? “Doo DOO DEE We’re sorry, you have reached your quota. Please add another picture to continue.”


    • “They” is a very common (and by some standards, acceptable) genderless third-person singular noun. This is ordinary dialogue, not formal English.

  3. “As opposed to the real ones? I mean, what?”

    He’s referring to the imposter(s)/copycat(s) that are targeting him since the original killer has already been caught.

    “Not “they”. “you”. He’s talking to a class of Butei and instructing them on their duties, etc.”

    He’s referring to all the school’s students in general. Not specifically the new students at the orientation.

    I can’t make excuses for the rest.


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