Fansub Re-Review: [A-Destiny_SGKK] Toriko (Episode 02)

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What is a re-review? It’s another review for a group that thinks they didn’t get a fair shake or when they think they’ve improved so much that my previous review is invalid. I’ll only do re-edits upon requests from the groups themselves.

Oh, and time to work on those reviews I’ve promised everyone. Umm, Hiryuu-Hina’s Dog Days, re-review with Hina-Wasu’s Hen Zemi 02, the other groups doing Astarotte… I’ve promised so much I can’t even remember. Remind my dumb ass on IRC or something.

Muskmelon is actually a fruit. No need for special caps. Also, it’s mellow-tasting. You got the rule right for “fully-ripe”, though.

Why would you do this?

This line is supposed to be super short. How about “So this is ‘killing two birds with one stone!'”

even with a tank,

the Bishokuya, Toriko. And I still don’t think you needed to keep Bishokuya in Japanese.

This is not acceptable.

It looks like you already are. Fail@tense

One of those its is right. The other? Not so much.

Why “Those”? “The” works nicer in this context.

These don’t quite jive.

Really? Sure, I can imagine he’s talking about the courses he wants to find, but I doubt his “Drink” part of the full course menu is going to be living. Perhaps he wants to encounter all those delicious things rather than meet them all.

Overall grade: B-

When they let their editor edit, it works out a lot better. I take back my comment about their editor drinking bleach. I’d still go with AEarth_Kaen’s, though. Theirs seemed more natural.

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  1. >fully-ripe

    Naah. Hyphens should be avoided whenever possible. In these cases, they’re meant primarily to eliminate ambiguity; “mellow-tasting” just barely qualifies, since you could call the fruit itself mellow rather than its taste. But no way in hell could “fully” be meant to modify “mangoes” directly; since it *has* to modify “ripe”, no hyphen is wanted.

    Hyphens are as grossly overused as commas are underused.

    That episode title screen made me snort audibly.

  2. “I doubt his “Drink” part of the full course menu is going to be living.”

    Oh how wrong you are sir (if you read the latest chapters).
    Well you’re technically right but still…

    Either way very good review and looking forward to moar.


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