Fansub Review Wrap-Up [4/19/11]

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Good gods do I have a backlog of reviews… That’s what I get for taking three days off. If you have a certain review you want to see immediately, let me know here and I’ll make it a priority.

30-Sai no Hoken Taiiku

SubDesu [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

My Pick: Doki

SubDesu’s release did not even resemble English. Unwatchable.



Doki [Review Here]

Eve-Taku [Review Here]

HQ-Team [Might Review]

pwq [Review Here]

My Pick: pwq

To be honest, you’d be good with any of these groups, but I thought pwq’s was slightly better.


Ano Hana

Ayako-Delight [Review Incoming]

Doki [Review Incoming]

Taka [Review Incoming]

UTW [Review Incoming]


Ao no Exorcist

gg [Review Here]

Kata-Subs [Review Incoming]


Astarotte no Omocha

Asuka-Subs [Will Review Later]

ILMNW [Review Here]

pwq [Will Review Later]

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

My pick: Underwater-Commie

Unlike ILMNW, U-C’s edits don’t suck. Great job.


Battle Girls – Time Paradox/Sengoku Otome

Akatsuki [Review Incoming]

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

Kyouki-Tsuki [Review Incoming]


C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

gg [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

Hatsuyuki [Review Here]

Nutbladder [Review Here]

Whine-Subs [Will Not Review] (This is the group)

My Pick: Whine-Subs

Everyone else’s releases sucked dick.


Deadman Wonderland

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

SGKK-Ruri [Will Review Later]

Umee [Will Review Later]


Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Doki [Will Review Later]

Mazui [Will Review Later]

Underwater-Commie [Will Review Later]


Dog Days

Interrobang [Review Here]

Ayako [Review Here]

Chihiro [Might Review] (Hurry up with your releases first)

Hina-Hiryuu [Review Here]

Ruri [Might Review] (Hurry up with your releases first)

My pick: Hina-Hiryuu

H-H did a pretty good job, but their commas…


Dororon Enma-kun Meramera

gg [Review Here]


Hanasaku Iroha

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

Hayatsuki-Tsuki [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

Splazm [Will Not Review] (Splazm appears to be a straight CR re-encode group)

My Pick: Underwater-Commie

I actually liked every release listed here. The differences are minute enough that you really can’t go wrong. But the best release, in my mind, is Underwater-Commie. Their English was the best.


Hen Zemi

HiNA-Wasurenai [Review Here] [Will Re-Review for episode 2]

Interrobang [Review Here]

WhyNot? [Will Review Later]

My Pick: Interrobang

Interrobang’s release had many English errors, but it made sense. HiNA-Wasu’s release had fewer errors, but it didn’t make sense at all. This wasn’t just me who thought so, I asked around and got the same response from other subbers (including those on the HiNA-Wasu joint).


Hidan no Aria

Chihiro [Review Here]

Doki [Will Review Later]

UTW [Will Review Later]


Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei

Interrobang [Will Not Review] (It’s a five-minute flash animation.)


Hoshizora e Kakeru Hoshi

Afroman [Review Here]

Doki-Chihiro [Review Incoming]

CTSS-TZM [Review Incoming]

Hatsuyuki [Review Incoming]


Hyouge Mono

Huzzah [Will Review Later]


Kaiji Season 2

Nutbladder [Review Here]

Triad [Review Incoming]



Maria+Holic Alive

Commie [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Review Incoming]


Morita-san wa Mukuchi

Kata-Subs [Review Here]


Nana to Kaoru

GotWoot [No Review Incoming] (I was a QC on this, hence, biased)

Bitch-Subs [Will Review Later] (I heard these guys did a great job)

SubDesu [Will Not Review] (lol, SubDesu)

Kata-Subs [Will Review Later]

ANE [Will Not Review] (Re-encode of other subs, and I’m not qualified to bitch about encode quality)



Coalgirls [Review Incoming]

Doki [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review] (Reason: U-C)

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

My Pick: Underwater-Commie

I made a screenshot comparison post here. It appears most people thought Doki had a worse translation.


Ore-Tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

HorribleSubs [Will Review Later]

Shikkaku [Will Review Later]

lilgh0st/MSPN [Will Not Review] (Dropped)


Seikon no Qwaser II

Sub-Desu [Will Not Review] (Haven’t watched first season, won’t watch second. Sorry~)


Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi

Akatsuki [Will Not Review] (Sorry, not really interested in this kinda series. )

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review] (Same reason)


Sket Dance

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

Hatsuyki [No Review Yet]


Softenni/Soft Tennis

Ayako-Nishishi [Review Here] (Note: Not reviewed by Dark_Sage, so as to ensure impartiality)

FFFPeeps [Review Here]

Hiryuu [Review Incoming]

My Pick: Ayako-Nishishi

I edited for Nishishi, so I’m biased. I did like the FFFPeeps version, though, even if I ripped their editor apart. Sorry about that, it was for the lulz.



Commie [Review Here] (Note: I was drinking rageahol when I reviewed this)

UTW-Mazui [Review Here] (They dropped the series)

Steins;Subs [No Review Incoming] (I took a quick look at their CR-ripped script and compared it to Commie’s. It was worse.)

HorribleSubs [No Review Incoming] (Commie edits off their release, making this inferior by default.)

Splazm [No Review Incoming] (I believe they also rip from CR without any major edits.)

HorribleSubs-Remux-NFR [No Review Incoming] (CR Re-encode)

My Pick: Commie

Uhh, your only choice is pretty much Commie. They did a pretty shit job of editing, though.


Tiger & Bunny

Commie [Review Here]

YouSmell [Will Not Review] (Hardcoded fonts as small as possible. It’s not their fault, since they just ripped the stream release, but I’d wait on Commie)


The World God Only Knows II

Chihiro [Will Not Review] (I haven’t seen the first season, so I won’t be watching subs for the second.)

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review]



A-Destiny_SGKK [Review Here] [Re-Review Here]

AE-Kaen [Review Here]

My pick: AE-Kaen

A_S did a lot better this time around, but I still think AE-K did a better job in the end. Kudos to A_S for making a great improvement, though.



Commie [Review Here]

Weapon+ [Review Incoming]


Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san

FFFPeeps [Will Review Later]

Interrobang [Review Here]

WhyNot? [Review Here]

My Pick: Interrobang

Thoughts: WhyNot?’s English was a lot better, but Interrobang’s translation made more sense when compared to WhyNot?’s. For example, WhyNot?’s introduction features an irate woman saying she’s going to kill a man. Akutabe says he’ll get a devil to take care of it. The woman responds that she’d like to take care of it herself.

IB’s version explains that she’s angry at her son-in-law. Akutabe says he’ll present a case that would allow her to get divorced from her husband and receive a consolation payment. The woman responds that won’t make her any happier. When you get that specific, either you’re bluffing your way through, or you actually know your shit and don’t have to guess.



Shounen Heart [Review Here]

Oni-B [Will Not Review] (same translation base as Shounen Heart, but not as shit)

My pick: Oni-B

They both sucked, but Shounen Heart’s was worse by far.

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    • Hahaha, oh my god, this dialogue… There’s so much potential for fucking up. I can’t wait to see everyone’s releases.

      Good suggestion, will do.

  1. Plan on being added to Ano Hita but damn there’s so many groups. Looking into Hen Zemi TV series if I can work a few people into that. Also looking into hiring you as an editor if your willing.

      • That’s too bad. My first impression was your fansub reviews are meant to compare the fansubs.

        >Just know that we provide evidence in each review that will help you determine whether you believe our argument or not.

        I can’t really agree with you because there’s no evidence to show it and far as I’m concerned, U-C is just a carbon-copy of CR subs.

        • Fine, fuck. You got me.

          I’ll review it. But I’ve seen episode 1 three/four times already. I’ll review their episode 02. That fair?

    • You know, I didn’t write this damned thing up for nothing. Scroll up to the Sekai-Ichi section and that will answer your question.

      For Nana to Kaoru, I do intend to review Bitch and Kata (ugh, I hate the show).

      Guess I’ll do that after my Ao business.

      • While the OVA is a bit strange, the manga is quite a nice read actually.

        Oh and could you speed up the reviews on Battle Girls – Time Paradox/Sengoku Otome and Deadman wonderland? And yes, i checked in the correct sections before requesting.

  2. Now that FFFPeeps has released Azazel-san I really don’t know which group to follow. Whynot? (v1) say 10 pm the others say 5 pm, Whynot? say he can eat whenever he want’s the other groups say his mom has a part time job and then they translated the rest differently. IB talks about a son-in-law the others don’t, what is going on here… IB doesn’t bother editing making some lines sound really weird, Whynot? does a great job at editing but seem to not do so well at translating and FFFPeeps seems to be somewhere in the middle… I got all this from each groups episode 01 you can see for yourself at… I know this show is in a difficult dialect but what is going on here…


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