Fansub Review: [Mazui] Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (Episode 01)

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Mazui, I’m sorry that I have to do this. I’m certain you ganbarre’d, but sometimes your faito spirit isn’t enough.


I bid farewell to the rural town I spent all 15 years of my life in.

aunt. lowercase.

An environment that can rob a rebellious, teenage sophomore boy of his allowance and pride!

Don’t mind me, I’m just fixing your shit for free.

TL Note: Shenlong means spirit dragon. Please, keep the wapanese out of your subs.

Confusion reigns inside my head.

Why “hostess-name” when stage name and ring name are unhyphenated?

How many editors do I have to shame before “alright” disappears? :X

Wap as fuck.

I’m kind of sad I have to review these subs.

More like who in the world, amirite? Pretty sure he doesn’t think she’s not human.

a bag of eggplants


No. (I used that in a strong voice, as if I was talking to a dog or a child. That’s the best way to get my point across to editors.)

Wap wap wap wap. Not even a fucking TL note, you guys? Jesus…

First part = golden

Second part = not so much :(

inside, she’s still an




Overall grade: C-

I’m sure the script was tough, but I’m not here to pat you on the back, give you a glass of milk, and suck you off. Word harder, please. You fucking fail it.

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  1. An environment that can rob a rebellious, teenage sophomore boy’s of his allowance and pride!

    boy’s -> boy

    Just being helpful and pointing that out.

  2. Thanks, bros. I reviewed this shit at 5 AM and was like “fuck it, I’m posting no matter what” and then I fell asleep in about 5 seconds. FML

  3. Heh, figured this would get a bad score.
    I actually distinctly remember being confused as fuck during the train and dining table parts of the episode.

  4. Sophomore isn’t a commonly used word outside of america as far as I’m aware. My British-English dictionary doesn’t believe it even exists.

    • Is there a reason why the couldn’t include the TL notes at the end of the show? You have to understand that most people aren’t going to bother to go to Mazui’s site for TL Notes on a show they’re watching.

      • There’s also no reason why one should know the term “sophomore” (which in my opinion, is retarded).
        Your reviews also lose a lot of credibility because of the fact that you know no japanese, so you’re correcting things that are right.
        For example “What in the world is that futton wrap person?”. He’s literally saying “nande” and NOT “dare” so it is ‘what’, doesn’t matter how much you wish for proper english.
        Also, capitalization mistakes are stupid, and commas are optional most of the times, whether you like it or not. All in all, I give your review a C+, trying hard is good, but sometimes you try too hard.

        Now excuse me, I’m baking some fucking Melon pan.

        • >comes in saying “sophomore” isn’t a worthwhile word, saying bad English is right, good English is stupid.

          You say “optional” but you have no concept of what that really means. Point out where the options come in my review. Mazui is objectively shit and their editing is objectively shit. You butthurt fuckwit fanboys need to stop running your mouths because all that comes out is shit.

          BTW if your dick’s so set on “what”, then the line should be “What in the world is that futon-wrap thing?”, you fucking retard.

          • You mad? The Melon pan is still in the oven. It’s retarded to have a special word to refer to a single school year. Second-year student is just as good, plus easier to udnerstand for people without that much english knowledge. You do know that fansubs aren’t only used by americans, right? Just like spanish subs use neutral spanish, english subs should be as neutral as possible.
            Commas have a specific function in a sentence, but when reading a story, their main function should always be, to dictate the pace of reading. Now I’m aware not all editors skip or add commas thinking about how you’re going to read the subs; but it is ultimately true that you’ll read a sentence with few commas faster, than one with a lot of them. Commenting again on your lack of japanese, some of the skipped commas are leftovers of the original japanese sentence structure.

            BTW if your dick’s so set on “thing” you should.. well, reconsider? Even though I was just being mean, cause the actual translation for that sentence (if I remember correctly “Nanda ano *adjectives*-ningen”) would literally be “What that etc.” In the end, you could translate it as “What’s with that Futton….”, if you wanted too, it’s not too clear so it’s your choice. The MC is asking himself what was going on, what did that meant, as long as you deliver the message, anything’s OK.

            No reason to get all worked up because someone critiziced your work as an editor. I myself wouldn’t watch any show edited by you cause, knowing japanese, the differences between subs and what I’m hearing would drive me crazy. Though in the end you watch what you can, I don’t complain.

          • Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. You telling me that you don’t understand that? I’ll tell you what most people watching English subtitles are going to have more trouble with: first/second/third/fourth year. You know why? Because we don’t use those terms at all here in America. By saying it’s neutral English, you are implying that British English is the most neutral form of English, when *most* fansubs edit with American English. I’m almost certain Mazui uses American English, so my suggestion is valid.

            My lack of Japanese knowledge has nothing to do with my knowledge of English. You say that commas impede reading somehow. If you’re a native speaker, the lack of commas in places where they usually should be is far worse. Hold on, let me break it down for you.

            You know what the difference between “I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse” and “I helped my uncle jack off a horse” is? No? I guess that explains the horse jizz on your hands and the huge grin on your mouth.

            If you’re going to be such a faggot about how much cooler Japanese is than English translations, then don’t watch English subtitles.

            Also, you’re not ulre are you?

          • No I’m not Ulre, I’m just a random weeaboo.
            Let me tell you a little something (which I don’t really care, but just so you know) I’m pretty sure the default english they teach you almost anywhere in the world, is british english. Also, second-year needs no explanation whatsoever to be understood. What’s a second-year student? Well, a student in it’s second year fo whatever he’s studying.
            Now what’s a sophomore? I know, but how could someone who doesn’t, understand the term? You get where I’m going? Both are correct, and don’t tell me an american wouldn’t understand what “Second year student” means, so why not base the decision in the one that will cause less confusion?
            Once again, in japanese it would be “ni-nen sei”, lit. 2nd year student. So the TL probably just translated it literally without thinking too much about it.

            Now, you say your lack of japanese is not related to your english knowledge, but are any of those related to your inhability to comprehend what I said? I’ve never said commas impeded reading. I just pointed out that, when writing something, specially literature-related, the comma is just another element to dictate the pace of the story.
            This is even more important in books, since there’s no other way to imply how the character is talking, but it’s still as important in subs, in my opinion at least.

   won’t help you make a point sadly. Though I was thinking on that same quote earlier when I made the post. Ha, I guess.

            Also, this is just out of curiosity. Did you, at any point in this conversation, realize that english is not even my main language?

          • i agree that frosh/soph terms aren’t as good as 1st/2nd, because i’ve only understood the terms 2 years ago.
            Also, “majority of fans are Americans” is true, but fans from europe, canada, and asia also take a huge percentage of the leechers.
            American English sucks anyway, so stop getting your panties in a bundle over that when there are 9001 other errors to find.

          • I’m sorry, I’m not going to edit in British English just because that’s the way you learned it. You want British English? Doki does a fantastic job with it and is pretty much the standard bearer for British English in subs these days. Me? I’m going to edit in the language I grew up with. Sorry if that pisses you off, but it’s the way of things.

            Also, pretty sure “jack off a horse” didn’t originate from Bash.

            I know commas are important, that’s why I responded to your nonsensical rant. What the fuck kinda point are you trying to make?

            And yes, it’s kind of obvious that you’re ESL. You wouldn’t be disagreeing with me if you weren’t. But what’s the point of bringing attention to it? Am I supposed to feel sorry for you or something?

          • Ok, this is as far as I go. Are you even trying Sage chan? I never said you should edit in british english, I couldn’t care less what engliosh is used. Since I learnt english from videogames and movies, I’m not treally inclined to neither, british nor american english.

            What I DID say is, you should edit considering what’s easier to understand, and NOT caring whether it’s fucking british or american, who cares?

            You’re not even trying to understand what I’m saying, plus you avoid trying to refute my points. It was kinda fun arguing with you anyway, though the Melon Pan got a little burnt, lately I can’t get them right *sigh*.

          • > refutes every point, butthurt newfag says I don’t
            Feels bad, man. :(

            That’s an interesting point, steeped in ignorance. You know what’s more understandable for people who speak American English? American English. Similar for British English speakers, British English is easier to understand.

            I edit for people who speak American English, like myself. Similarly, I write posts for assholes like myself. That’s how I run and that’s how editing works.

            Your point is predicated on the idea that there is only one form of English, rather than two distinct flavors. Stick to Doki for everything if you’re going to be such a whiny faggot about it. They’re the only group who can live up to your bullshit standards for British English (WHICH IS WHAT IT FUCKING IS) anyway.

          • From one of your A-Channel reviews: “As I keep whining about, it should be all right. “Alright” is only accepted some places, but “all right” is accepted everywhere.”

            Sophomore is essentially only used in America. Second-year makes sense anywhere.
            (I don’t really care. I just like being a dick.)

          • You’re unfortunately right. I’m not gonna let Soul know, but I’m gonna tend toward second-year/third-year/etc. henceforth. :X

            • Lol… As strange as it may sound, I didn’t know what a “second year” was by any means until I started watching an anime that involved a school a bit ago. People just haven’t used it in the places I lived. I’ll also note that I agree in the point that American English should be the translation for those places that speak it(mainly America oc, but it’s not entirely exclusive to us) for the same reason that cultural references have to be localized. It just makes sense that way. Not to mention atrocious grammar is just kind of annoying to see, lol.

              Hope you excuse my necroing! xD

  5. “what a denpa.” Go read their release post. There’s some japanese culture tidbit there for you. **facepalm**
    Denpa is the same kind of term as tsundere and lolicon.

    “distant Universe” Yes, there are multiple universes. Did you take a modern physics class?

    “shenlong” what do you propose in place? god dragon? spirit dragon? holy dragon?

    “chikuwa” how do you translate a word like “sushi”?

    • I shouldn’t have to visit a website to understand subtitles. What kind of argument is that? Also, from what I was told, denpa != sexual deviant. I’m morbidly curious if that’s what they wrote.

      Oh, you mean multiverse theory? I’ll grant you that it’s a theory. Nice try playing it off as fact, though. I do admit that line could work if they were running off that idea, so I’ll remove my criticism of it.

      Spirit dragon would work best, wouldn’t it? That’s what a shenlong is, ne?


  6. well, despite some grammar error (missing ‘of’, ‘the’, etc). I think mazui has done a good job. I love how they keep shenlong, denpa, and futton, instead of translating it.

    Just like Misaka Mikoto = biri biri, somethings are better left as it is for me :P

    • An onomatopoeia is an onomatopoeia. Biribiri is biribiri. You write it the same way that you pronounce it, especially because it is a nickname. In addition, it’s still able to be deciphered by its context alone – he used it every time she appeared on screen as a nickname. “Ah, biribiri”

  7. The only thing which I can hitch on is lack of TL notes in subs (putting it on website is dumb, on website you can expand it). Omitting the small grammar mistakes, which most of people doesn’t even see while watching…. Well, for me this is a way, how subs should looks like. I hate americanizations. If I like to see murican show, I would watch murican show.
    I’m glad that some groups are doing good job and not translating cultural things, names of foods, nicknames or proper names. Translating it is a dumb idea. Especially if you are translating a show from the country which is totally different in cultural aspect than any other countries.

    This site is good if someone want to see how the subs looks like, but ratings are usually misleading like in this case.


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