Fansub Re-Review: [HiNA-Wasurenai] Hen Zemi (Episode 02)

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This group’s v1 release of Hen Zemi made no sense. But they tried harder and asked me to give them another look. So, here it is. Second look.

Instrumental OP, here’s the ED

The White Magician, Houri

Also, you missed the reference. He should be called “Holy”, but I guess that’s not all that important.

You can agree this is sick, right?

it. The subject is “bait paste”

put a comma after delicious, then toss the “and” onto the next line.

Either it’s the font, or someone decided to turn “if you” into “ifyou”

Edit: It’s actually the font. Still, the font’s kinda sketchy, so I’ll leauve this as an example of bad fontageness (this is totally a word).


And you don’t need the comma there.



around. After all,

Ah. Sorry, Sensei.

Overall grade: B-

Hmm… IB or Hina-Wasu? Assuming that IB hasn’t improved their English since episode 1, I would have to give the slight advantage to Hina-Wasu here.

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  1. Does exposure change?

    It does, actually :P

    Either it’s the font, or someone decided to turn “if you” into “ifyou”.

    Checked the script, it’s the font.

    little-known, bath-tub

    What is this, I don’t even…

    Ah. Sorry, Sensei.

    I don’t suppose the punctuation after the ‘Ah’ really matters.

    • little-known because it becomes an adjective. You’d do the same for well-known.

      Also, bath-tub is a no-no. It’s bathtub.

      The reason why I changed the Ah, Sorry line is because “Sorry” shouldn’t be capitalized if it’s not the start of a sentence.

      Duly noted on font/exposure.

  2. Also, too, snapshot 10 has a TL error. It’s supposed to be “If you’re that squeamish when it comes to mystery hotpots, then you should have written up a will.”


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