Fansub Review: [Hatsyuki-Hadena] Ao no Exorcist (Episode 01)

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You guys, this has more errors than gg’s did. *sigh* Time to review Kata-Subs.

Edit: Apparently this release used the wrong script, aka the unedited script. Oh my. Looks like someone’s getting hanged.

No OP in this episode, but here’s the ED.

-“more of a devil.”

+”closer to devils.”

Devil is singular.

If you want to style a title in all lowercase, that’s fine. My problem lies with this line running from a comma into the beginning of a new sentence. :/

see, not saw. Teehee, see-saw.

Shut up, will you?

You’d make me blush like a little schoolgirl if you used “ya”, though.

Yukino, the younger brother, has good grades, he’s a good athlete,

Of course, you’ll have to pay.

every day.

Either do OK or okay. Never ok. Why? Fuck if I know, I’m only a Sage, not a rulemaker.

whom. Oh yeah, I went there.

If that doesn’t help, then it’s time for us, the Exorcists.


Yes, I’m that anal.

much, you see.

May I do that for a bit?

Alternatively, you could use “Can I do that for a bit?”, but I prefer to avoid using can where may is supposed to go. :X

Pretty sure someone shilling noodles isn’t gonna be saying they’re only “good”.

There’s a reason why people don’t go, “Sup bitches? I’m a mediocre lover. Let’s fuck!”

Pancake sauce? Really? REALLLLYYYY?!

The staff meeting

Congratulations, Nii-san.

out for a bit

– “as well”

+ “either”

This sentence probably needs a period

“a bit of graze”? Is this some British English phrase?

We just call it a PTO in America. Even if that’s what it’s called in the UK, capitalize it. Parent Teacher Regularity Committee.

need to

make a fool

fungi = plural of fungus

So use fungus.

“Released”? 0.0

Devil? More like, what do you mean I’ve got to hide?

my father


Overall grade: D-

You were more watchable than gg’s 01, but since they v2’d it, I’m gonna have to say gg has the better release.

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  1. You didn’t nitpick as much usual. I skimmed through the first half of this myself, and found several things I would have changed. I’m just going to assume, that you didn’t want to scorn the release any further?

    • You’re correct. There were more mistakes, and things I would qualify as wonky translations. So yes, you’re right that these are not all the errors I could have found. But then again, I haven’t been entirely honest across the shows I’ve reviewed. Most of my reviews have had lines that I didn’t bring up. Things that I would change, but didn’t bother to state.

      But people wanted me to focus less on minor nitpickings, so I’ve been focusing on errors that are much more severe and objectively wrong. I would take a severe hatchet to most of these scripts were I presented with them, but giving a true edit of each release would cost me several hours (with the majority of the time being left to explaining my changes rather than actually making them), and I’m not sure it would be worth it.

  2. “We just call it a PTO in America. Even if that’s what it’s called in the UK, capitalize it. Parent Teacher Regularity Committee.”

    Isn’t “Regularity” what people eat fiber to maintain? lolz, I rather wonder if they meant “Regulatory” …

    Nice job, too. I was actually ‘dismissed’ from a group a while back for being too ‘strict’ about grammar. Go figure.

  3. actually what happened with the script, when i finished it i didn’t save, all my edits were gone and i thought i had saved and sent the wrong one. we are working on a v2 right now. should be out soon. we are waiting on the sign for the title. ya, so, fml. >_>


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