Fansub Review: [BitchSubs] Nana to Kaoru (Episode 01)

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Fine, guy who really wanted to see this review. Here it is.

ED, no OP in this episode.

Why not a2 or a-squared?

“Breathers”? This is repeated several times throughout the episode. To me, a breather is a short rest after doing some strenuous activity like running or working out. We called these “release sessions” in GotWoot, which makes a lot more sense to me.

Nana, your skin’s so pale

that against the black bondage suit

your skin looks…

Besides, Nana,

If you don’t believe me on why commas are important here. “Besides Nana” would read “Other than Nana” without the comma there.

K by itself? Really? At least go with ‘Kay…

Awkward phrasing. How about “You promised we’d stop if I said no, Kaoru!”


Overall grade: B+

Obviously, I’m biased. I’ll recommend the subs of whatever group I QC’d/edited for because I’m extremely arrogant and think I’m flawless. But as you can probably see, Bitch-Subs did a pretty good job. Go with them or GotWoot on this release. I will note that GotWoot’s font is more readable, though. ;)

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    • Just because it’s translated that way in the manga, does not necessarily mean it’s correct. Although, I don’t see a difference between “breathers” and “release sessions” considering the reason why Nana starts consenting to them in the first place.

  1. Just want to point out that in the 6th correction you have, “K by itself? Really? At least go with ‘Kay…” she is pausing when saying his name. Since his name is Kaoru, putting ‘Kay for that wouldn’t really fit.


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