Fansub Review: [UTW] Ano Hana (Episode 01)

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Holy shit, this anime is good. Holy shit, these subs are good.


This is an invincible shield, so I’m invincible now.

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low-grade? Maybe that’d work if you were talking about beef. Try low-tier or low-ranked instead.

and on top of cutting classes, you’re calling Honma Meiko’s name.

Overall grade: A

Three commas missing and a word change needed? Yeah, I think I can give these motherfuckers an A. Fucking top-tier job, guys. You people asked, so this is an example of what I’d call good editing:

At one point in the episode, the main character recalls that his group used to call themselves the Super Peace Busters. And then later on, he says “We busted our peace magnificently…”

I don’t know if it was written like that exactly in the Japanese script, but to me, this is great writing. It’s referential and it fits the sentiment without upsetting the pace.

The other groups on this have a lot to live up to.

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  1. I watched gg’s release when it came out and thought it was pretty good, but it looks like this could be better. btw, it looks like m.3.3.w is doing this show too. Guess I’ll just sit back and wait for your reviews then….j/k. But if you really do end up doing them all, I’ll be sure to read every one. Thanks again, Dark_Sage.

  2. i’m disappointed that utw didn’t translate the sign on the ball in the beginning of the show while gg did. i thought it was kind of important sign to know.


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