Fansub Review: [Triad] Kaiji Season 2 (Episode 02)

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These guys had better be good considering how long they’ve been doing this subbing business.

OP/ED. BTW, Triad, if you want to troll with your ED karaoke, you need to go all out. Romaji/kanji as well. Don’t puss out.

Rules, you mean. :X

There is no reason to have it 2nd/3rd. Second and third, please.

Pretty sure double spaces don’t come after commas.

You mean Foreman Otsuki. This is repeated several times throughout.

Okay, yes. This is legit. I’m just curious if anyone’s heard this phrase used before. I haven’t heard it once here in Minnesota.

What? That’s like saying “The key to winning this poker.” Make it “The key to winning this Chinchiro game.”

Avoid beginning a sentence with a number that’s not written out (make it “Forty minutes into the game”). :X

Is this really the best word choice you could manage for the fucking turning point in this goddamn arc? Throw a little balls into this, you pussies. He was talking about he needs to make bets that toss and turn him. Fuck, he talked for like five minutes on the virtues of betting with his life on the line, but you come up with “more on the edge”? Tch.

It has to be more life-threatening!

Here, find some synonyms and go wild:


Overall grade: B+

Yeah, go with them for Kaiji, but only if you can stand waiting for them. They’re super slow.



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