Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki] SKET Dance (Episode 02)

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A bit late with this review, aren’t I?

OP/ED. It’s some kawaii shit.

Who the hell speaks like that?

Here, have a sucker! or Here, have some candy! or Here, have a lollipop!

Basketball Club. You wanna capitalize the full club name.

I believe making it “arrived in the modern age” would make it correct, but I hate the phrase. So fuck it, let’s fuck up the line.

It’s like a samurai fell into a timeslip and was transported to current-day Japan.

Don’t commit seppuku in someone else’s room!

Funny, I was always taught questions end with question marks.

Shoulda transmitted a dictionary instead. It’s transmission

At first I thought they were punning the Japanese word “convini”, but then I realized that’s just an English loanword shortened from the word “convenience”, so that doesn’t work. Also, there was no reason to pun it, so I guess I just wanted to point out I know what a convini is. Goddamn, I’m so lame. :(

I don’t care if it’s rhetorical, it’s still a fucking question!

in practice matches, it feels. Yeah, it feels like love is so cold now that you’ve gone away. Gone away. Gone away. Oh oh oh oh oh oooooh ahoooooo oh oh now that you’ve gone away.

I don’t know why, but I just started singing a song by The Offspring and felt you needed to hear it. You’re welcome.

It’s unclear who “his” is referring to. Fucking English. So, umm, lessee…

The only person who can raise their concentration using that is you!

Fuck me so hard. Yes, I’m technically using “their” improperly, but we use it like that in common speech, so I guess it’s okay? Hmm. Either way, it makes the subs more understandable, so I’m all for it.

The fuck is “really” here for? Nein!

FFFFFFFFF. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

strong, but

Why are you hitting him?!

Your client is right here! {alt: Our client | I’m not really sure who’s saying it, and I’d rather not go back to the episode to check}

This made me think back to Pokemon. Misty, you were always that best. /nostalgia

I don’t even.

Only is a bit overused (improperly) here.

Well, Chuu-san is an advisor in name only, you see.


What’s a pratice? Also, Cheerleading Club.

Even though I’ve been researching it every day!

What. Do you really fail that badly at titles?

The Legendary Onihime!


Overall grade: C+

Yeah, definitely go with these guys for Sket Dance. HorribleSubs did about the same in terms of errors, but the karaoke/willingess to typeset of Hatsuyuki pushes ’em over the edge. I’ll pop on over to their IRC and let ’em know the rules about club capitalization/question marks, since I’m pretty sure the rest of it is just silly mistakes they made.

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  1. Thanks for the grade. Yeah I kind of figured we would miss a few things, and I’ve only just started, but I’ve really been waiting for you to rate one of the shows I edit/QC. Looks like I need some work and your grade seems a bit generous considering the number of errors, but I’m very happy you’ve rated some of our work as well as you have.

    • The grading’s a bit arbitrary, so I wouldn’t suggest even paying attention to the score. I really only have it there as a reference for myself and to give people a very, very baselines idea of what I thought.

      Also, if there are problems with a group, it’s easier to say “enjoy your D” than “Aha! I found 30 errors!” Everyone knows that a D is bad, but is 30 errors just as bad? Worse? It kinda differs depending on the show.

      Hmm, I don’t think I’m making a coherent argument here. Anyway, glad ya like. Hopefully you can implement my suggestions into your future editing. :3

  2. How about you guys translate “seppuku” as “ritual suicide,” “onihime” as “demon princess,” “de gozaru” as… well, you already have “shall,” but the the list goes on.

    That said, this is still a step up from HS, what with CR being lazy as fuck recently.

    • Whether a group chooses to translate terms like those is mostly personal preference I’d say, but I think the “de gozaru” one is slightly different.

      In the CR/HS subs, they used words like ‘thou’ and ‘shalt’ among others, except they were using them incorrectly. At first I thought were just mistakes, but then I realized that he is just adding ‘de gozaru’ to the end of his sentences, and so it’s probably that he’s trying to make it sound like he’s speaking Old Japanese, but is doing it terribly. So although CR tried to portray this in their subs, if you just use ‘thou’ etc, incorrectly, and without explanation, I think it looks just as retarded as having ‘de gozaru’ all over the place. A note might’ve helped in both releases.

      I could also be completely wrong, I dunno. XD

    • oh god no! just leave it as it is, it’s much better that way. forget everything anon suggested. curse that fool for even suggesting it.

  3. Not every flippin’ word has to be translated from Japanese into English. They usually don’t translate the words that are made up for that anime, nor some titles. In the case of Onihime, which could mean demon princess, evil princess, demonic princess, etc. it makes more sense to leave it the way it is. Judging from the context, it’s someone’s name (probably a girl) so it would be completely STUPID to translate it. I suppose if you watched Bleach you’d be demanding that they translate Orihime Inoue’s name as well, or translate Ichigo into something involving strawberries because that’s where his name came from. I’m sorry, but Getsuga Tenshou looks better than Moon-fang Heaven strike, or whatever it was Dattebayo started translating it to (which would also probably be correct). Could you imagine street fighter if they translated everything like that? Dragon vs Guile. Surging will fist! Rising Dragon Fist. It would get more annoying faster than it already does when you fight someone like Ken who spams hadouken and shoryuken all the time. Of course, if I could have it my way, no proper names would ever be translated. By this I mean: techniques, peoples’ names, titles, names of places (I’ve seen hachinohe translated to Eight Gates before), etc.

    Oh and @ the OP: his was properly used in “You’re the only one that can raise his concentration using that.” It looks wrong because it is one of the many rules of grammar that hardly ever presents itself, but it doesn’t make it any harder to understand if you’re paying attention to what’s going on. Also, you don’t correct two words with a contraction, a contraction isn’t proper grammar. A contraction is personal preference and a review should be done based on facts not opinions. That’s how everyone else does it, though, so I guess that makes your way OK, too.


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