Fansub Review: [Shikkaku] Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai (Episode 01)

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I’m only slightly late on this…

Also, there’s a Translation Party on Ano Hana coming right after I finish my four-episode editing marathon. @_@

All right, lemme preface this by saying I thought these subtitles were excellently done. All of the jokes made sense. Tons of foreign words made it into the script correctly. And the characters all managed to shine with clever, localized word choice. That being said, I’m still going to critique their English. ~_~

ED, no OP this episode.


Unless we’re talking about drugs, I don’t think there is such a thing as a joint party.

Oooh, close! 35-year-old

Fansubbers these days and their arbitrary question marks?

This made me shudder. Let’s just scrap it and build a better sentence.


She’s studying to pass her entrance exams, even as she juggles her part-time job and her second year of prep school.

-Within my school friend’s school,

+Among my friends at school,

Tomorrow, starting at 8,

Aha! Time to relay my knowledge of okay. Either OK or okay is accepted. Ok is not okay! fufufu

Hey, Dora!

Utility man? What? And that overuse of “who”… That second sentence? Man, this is fucked up on multiple levels. It’s like a cake of fail.

A jack-of-all-trades who is supposed to help people who are in trouble,

but complains that there aren’t any jobs worth doing…

Why on earth would you capitalize “ramen”?

And the real me is a candidate to become the next king.


Overall grade: B

I actually liked these subs, despite their flaws. I don’t think it’s necessary to look at Crunchyroll because these are likely going to be the subs to get (what with the typesetting and karaoke and all), but if someone wants me to review CR’s version, I’ll do so.

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