Fansub Review: [WhyNot] Hen Zemi (Episode 03)

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I agree with WhyNot’s chapter title on this episode: “This show has become complete shit. It’s the herpes of the anime world.”


He’s in a panda suit, not in a panda. ._.

Why would you have “the” there? That’s like saying “I’m from the Harvard University”. It just doesn’t jive. And no, you protesting bastards, she didn’t say it like “I’m Katou Anna, from the Kanazawa Academy.”

A little awkward there. Howsabout “You know, I have a fetish for the smell of girls’ sebum.”?

It’s middle school, not middle-school.

This would be legit if it followed a line saying something like “You can hurt anything!”

But it’s stand-alone, so just go with “Not the hair!” or “Not my hair!” if you prefer.

Both are independent clauses, so the comma there should be replaced by a period or a semicolon.

a test of courage.

Get your tenses right.

You turn red and start shaking.
Overall grade: B

I pity the staff on this show. Shit sux, so hard. :(

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  1. To be fair if I worked on this piece of shit I wouldn’t put any effort into it at all. These guys are giving this show far more than it deserves.

  2. Also, too, in the third snapshot Katou did not say she was from “Kanazawa Academy” but rather was introducing herself as the “Kenrokuen of Kanazawa” which seems to allude to the famous garden located in Kanazawa, but she spells “Kenrokuen” as 剣髏紅艶 which I would loosely translate as “Voluptuous Crimson Skullcrusher.”


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