Fansub Review: [Huzzah] Hyouge Mono (Episode 01)

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They have no competition on this show, but they oughta get a review anyway. Why? Cuz I fucking say so.

OP/ED. The OP changes colors. It’s fucking kawaii.

Typesetting. There was more, but I think this gives you a good idea of what it’s like.

I don’t care if you guys wanna make “he” capitalized or talk all archaic-like, but you oughta at least use English properly.

Add “the” after “reached”.

I serve He, whose name has reached the furthest corners of our land.

Ranjatai is a one-of-a-kind treasure. This line makes it seem like it’s common shit that everyone gives away as a present. No! Bad editor!

Even the Emperor bestowed Milord Nobunaga with a [insert bullshitting adjective to make you seem smart – splendorours/etc.] gift – the famed agarwood, Ranjatai.


it’s = it is/it has

its = the possessive

fitting of Milord.

Display is singular. Thus, it should be:

The display of his vassals, by comparison, is defeated by a lack of originality.

attire is singular. You get the drill.

are -> is

But let’s not stop there.

This man’s attire is more updated, yet he seems profoundly despondent.

I shan’t begrudge you the use of shan’t, but I shan’t accept shoddy English!

none! -> anyone!

have his eyes

Learn when to pluralize shit and when to refrain. :X

No, no! It’s not had infiltrated. Infiltrated is already in the past tense! Using “had” doesn’t make it more past tense, it just makes it redundant.

it’s -> its


Overall grade: B

Well, it wasn’t too shabby a release. But these are simple fucking mistakes that should have been easily caught. Definitely watchable, and the old-timey English was pretty cool, but a single competent QC could’ve cost most of this shit.


9 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Huzzah] Hyouge Mono (Episode 01)”

      • I see it so often that it makes me doubt whether I was taught properly (English is not my first language), although I always come to the conclusion that it’s a typo and move on.

    • The same people who confuse “they’re”, “there”, and “their” … and “your” and “you’re”, I’d suppose …

      • I’d actually guess it has to do with doing things hastily. You just do it unconsciously. I sometimes write shit like “I wan’t that chair!”.

  1. “Infiltrated is already in the past tense! Using ‘had’ doesn’t make it more past tense, it just makes it redundant.”

    No it isn’t redundant. It’s called past perfect tense. That means the action was completed sometime in the past.

    The problem with this, “General Hashiba’s warriors…”, is the lack of consistency. The preceding sentence, “He declines Milord’s offer of reconciliation.” is in the present tense.

    • … what?

      That sentence would not make any sense if you put it in the present tense.

      It has to be past tense because the warriors already had infiltrated the castle and moustache-dude was reporting what he saw. By the way, that’s how you use past perfect, and they did not use it correctly in the subs.

  2. I’m not a native speaker of English and not familiar with ancient English, but wouldn’t the sentence “I serve He, whose name has reached the furthest corners of our land” actually require “Him” instead of “He”?


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