Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki-Hadena] Shouwa Monogatari (Episode 01v2)

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So, after I kept getting asked to delay reviewing their 01 release, Hatsuyuki-Hadena finally released their v2. The extremely stupid errors people kept showing me ended up getting fixed, but how was the English as a whole?

Well, there aren’t as many lulzy errors, but…

If there was an OP, I didn’t watch it. So here’s the ED.

Typesetting. For the one with super typesetting, the line should be “get off and walk for 8 minutes.” I don’t know what a minitue is, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work in this context.

Adjectivize that shit. “End-of-the-year sake” or “Year’s-end sake” or something like that.

Almost missed this one.

Hint: it has nothing to do with “television manga”

I’m pretty sure we can figure out it’s elementary school from the “5th grade” part.

“I’m in the 5th grade.”

“will you” means that shit should end in a question mark.

Why the fuck is a comma, there?

Yo, Kouhei!

Basketball Club or basketball club. Your fucking pick, but you can’t have both.

He’s an upperclassman,


Father and Brother

Why, comma?

No! This tensing doesn’t work!

I want to try it again,

Why would you just capitalize bullet? Anyway, fucking turn that shit lowercase. Make it as low as your editor drags his knuckles, that pea-brained mongoloid.

You’re a student. Why are you even here?

You can’t just join sentences together willy-nilly!

Mother, with a capital fucking M.

OK or okay. Pick your poison. “ok” is not an option.

I like “cutting edge” better, but either way, make “edge” lowercase.

Father. I would also accept “Vater”. Why? Cuz I like this song.


Coming of Age Day. Don’t capitalize “of”.

Why you gotta, comma like that? D:

Nakamise Street. Capitalize street names.

I don’t know if the first part is right, but the second should be “and erasing bad luck.”


Overall grade: D+

This is a fucking v2, right? You had four fucking QCs, an editor, and a TLC on your first script. I can only imagine how many useless bodies you tossed at this one to make it watchable. Jesus…

Not that I blame ya. The show is shit. But at least pretend to put effort into your episode 1 release. :/

And yes, I mad. If you ask me to delay a review because you’re going to v2 it, don’t make me wait over a week for the v2 and absolutely don’t make the release shitty. ._.

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    • German. There’s also some Latin in there.

      Vater Unser translates to Our Father, which is a prayer commonly used in Christian mythology. IIRC, the song is based heavily off this prayer.

  1. “I don’t know what a minitue is, but I’m pretty it doesn’t work in this context.”

    I’m pretty there’s something wrong with that line, too. ;>

  2. Yes, you’re right. We made a whole bunch of errors in the v2. As as QCer, I’ve personally made some obvious mistakes that you have pointed out, and we had too many people working on this, decreasing efficiency and increasing the likelihood of unnecessary changes. The long wait can be attributed to bad coordination among our group.

    I however was not in charge of implementing the changes – someone else did. We will cut down the number of QCers for Hadena’s side of this project to two, and we will ensure that such errors will be eliminated in our next release.

    I personally feel that spelling mistakes in subtitles are inexcusable. Let me assure you that this problem will be dealt with immediately.

    Despite all I’ve said above, I disagree with your opinion that “The show is shit”, and I’m sure that much of our followers will feel the same way.


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