Fansub Review: [Underwater-Commie] Kaiji Season 2 (Episode 05)

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Thankfully, U-C have taken it upon themselves to take a quick break from not subbing Maria+Holic in order to sub Kaiji.

Expect me to post tons of content tomorrow when I finally have a bit of free time. Not just fansub reviews, though there will be a good amount of them. Even I’m getting bored with teaching newfag fansubbers how to English.



two months’ pay together.

I made sure I was right on this and I am. Something about genitive or someshit. Inform yourself.

Accent on do, please. pretentious_grammar_fag.jpg

Why the disparity in numerical display?

Pretty sure he doesn’t pretend to rest.

When he gets fatigued, he pretends to fall sick so he can rest.

Protip: If you’re asking a question, even rhetorical, use a question mark. Why is it that every newfag editor fails to understand this? Fucking worthless twats.

lol, no

Wrong translation. It should be “Just as keikaku’d.”

Okay, actual problem: look over != overlook

I see = independent clause

he’s a stray dog = independent clause

Protip: comma in between two independent clauses like this = verbotten

The fuck is “finally” here for?


Overall grade: B-

Best speedsubs for this show, but Triad for archive.

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