Fansub Review: [Saitei] A-Channel (Episode 03)

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Yeah, these guys are the worst choice for A-Channel.

Special thanks to K-Lite for being the shittiest codec pack around. I fucking lost all my screenshots for like four reviews when I “upgraded” to them because that shit didn’t save images with subtitles on them, and it also didn’t display karaoke, oh and it also didn’t properly display subtitles. Fuck that shit.

OP/ED/Insert Song


If there’s one thing you can say about Saitei, it’s that their typesetting is good. Screen #3 had that shit move across the screen perfectly.

Why the fuck would they do this?

Hate on the comma and Dark_Sage will hate on you. But let’s ignore the missing comma here and make the line naisu to read.

“Soda is always the best at keeping you awake.”

This doesn’t even resemble English.

duty, so she

So fucking simple. Such stupid English.

You can make this right with as simple “so”

Why is this so hard? Are these stupid mistakes or are they intentionally written like this?

It was etched in, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be gone.

*sigh* This kinda shit makes me want to drink.

just as frightening.

Dammit. Damn it all.

Good sirs, your overuse of “all over the” is quite troubling to mine eyes. If I may make a suggestion… perhaps you could rephrase your sentence. Mayhaps you could take out “all over the” and add a comma after “bat”.

Okay, I’m starting to calm down. Thanks be to nightcore.

all right

Sentences end in periods

dissemble = conceal

disassemble = to take apart

day and age, not day of age.

This comes right off the last screenshot. It makes no sense at all.


There’s no mistaking it.


This is a question. Use a question mark. I hate you, Saitei.

Anyways it not a word. Please stop this.


Overall grade: C-

Saitei is truly the worst.

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  1. disassemble – to take apart

    Taking ‘a part’ might be maintenance, shoplifting, there are many possibilities…

    Hey, this game is pretty easy…

      • >Anyways it not a word.
        I believe the ‘it’ is what Insemination was highlighting.
        Of course the sentence should read:
        Anyways is not a word.
        Anyways, it’s not a word.

    • Personally, I don’t worry too much about this. In my version I put “if it were” for Nagi since she’s the “smart one” of the group, but I consciously use stuff like “if it was” for the other girls. ‘_’

      Though I’d like to add, even if they got “disassemble” correct, “disassemble you to pieces” is repetitive.


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