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Fuck yeah. So, we hit 250k hits earlier today. That’s noteworthy, right? 160 public blog posts (I say public because there are about 40 that are no longer visible or were deleted), 1900 comments… Fuck yeah, I love you all.

I also finished my last final today, which means I’m graduating from college. Double party!


… but how exactly does on celebrate this? When that whitelily-whatever doujin site hit 10 million views, they released a doujin every hour for 24 hours. How the fuck am I supposed to compete with that? Oh wait, I’ll do ’em one better. I’m gonna kick back and celebrate by doing absolutely nothing.

Just bought a large domino’s pizza (cuz it was cheap), some cinnastix, and I grabbed a 12-pack of soda pop from the supermarket. Put some dubbed Rune Soldier on in the background cuz I’ve been meaning to watch it. Yes, I’m going to eat it all. Fuck yeah, relaxation.


Anyway, ignoring fansub reviews/fansubbing requests (I have enough with my current groups yelling at me for being lazy and useless – this includes Whine-Subs), is there anything I can do for you? I’m in the middle of writing a couple lame articles along with a Guide for Editors (basic English tips that I think will be quite useful to editors new and old) and a video that shows how2fansub. So that’s what’s coming up.

Oh, and if you can write good articles, I’d love to see them here. Anything even remotely related to the fandom would do. Just lemme know here in the comments or on IRC or something.


But yeah, break out the champagne. I’m super hyped. Whoo hoo!


Here are some numbers, for the people who like that stuff. The first spike comes from when we speedsubbed Freezing and Infinite Stratos. The second comes from fansub reviews.

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  1. >The second comes from fansub reviews and C.

    Considering your download count for C, I think it’s safe to assume the spike comes for fansub reviews.

  2. Congrats for the 250k hits milestone :D

    Heck, I’m reading so much fansub reviews from this site; too much to the point I’m feeling confident enough to become a fansub group’s editor… maybe.

  3. Liking the fansub reviews, but I wonder if there could be a bit of an interface upgrade just so that the gradings mean something – even if it’s just a case of having the grade in the review’s title or having a search/sort by grade. It’d make it much easier for me to cherrypick the ones I want to look at rather than having to wade through lots of bumf I’m not all that interested in (lolcoalgirls).

    Just a suggestion~

    • I was thinking a redesign would be good. It feels way too clunky right now.

      But in the meantime I can go back to the other reviews and add in a category.

      How about “A-tier/B-tier/C-tier/D-tier/F-tier” categories? Would that work for you?

      • As in, split the reviews by their tiers? Yeah, that’d be good. I’m still searching around to see if anyone’s been given an A yet. After reading quite a few reviews, it seems not, but obviously without that browsing system in place, it’s not easy to tell.

          • Bad idea, giving away grades spoils and lowers your page views and time spent in site, not to mention not very useful. I’m not gonna watch a show that suck just because the group is good.

            Should be categorized by series, so we can compare between groups. More importantly, needs navigation bar for all anime in “Current Season” so we can actually find review for series that we want to watch.

          • You’re missing the point. If you can sort the reviews by grade, you can see which fansubs do generally well, and use them for whatever you want to watch.

  4. hey just found this site a few days ago, but wanted to say that your fansub reviews are seriously great and have saved me a lot of trouble of THINKING and all that.
    huge fan, much respect :D

  5. That’s good for you dark sage. I’m not making any melonpan today, but I can still comment right? I have a calculus test this saturday, so wish me luck kay?

  6. I’ll keep seeding, so whatever. Except the link to C 1 was dead when I went for it last week, the non dead ver is on nyann and is C 1v2

  7. Oh, a howtofansub video? That seems interesting, I’ve always thought of improving the lame state of spanish fansubs. I’ll be eagerly waiting for it.

    Stil ganbarring for my test. Being student is suffering. (though I pretrty much already mastered calculus but anyway)

  8. I was a first spike member who noticed a quality decline in IS and went looking for answers. Understanding your groups situation and getting IS from Ayako instead (:/), I liked the sort of articles you were putting up and your fansub reviews were an awesome idea, glad I stuck about.


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