Fansub Review: [Tsuki] Naruto Shippuden Movie 4

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Better than the last entrant, at least.

These are all questions. They need question marks. Why the fuck don’t editors ever realize this simple fact.

Brits love their royals. Maybe we should have them teach the rules for this.

It’s Your Majesty, not “your majesty”.

alright -> all right

How many times am I gonna have to go over this? Fuck, I better write those editing guidelines soon. I can’t take much more of this shit.


with a thousand

Fantastic encoding.

This scene should be in the past tense.

You were a great puppet.

Unnecessary wapanese subtitles no Jutsu

Yes, we’re all so proud you guys know the kanji for “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu”. Why not astound us all and do this for the rest of the movie? Keep the actual translations at the top and put the Japanese at the bottom. That’d work great!


Overall grade: B-

Best option so far.

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  1. I prefer to have attack names in Japanese with an English translation up top if they come with attack effects, especially effects that represent the user.

    Especially Yiibis’s effects for One Piece where Luffy’s attack words “grew and stretched” or Ussopp’s had a crosshair go across them.

  2. I agree that the subtitles in the second and third images should have question marks. But I think the first (“How dare they say such things about him!”) seems fine to me, since it’s not really a true question. This is a hard one, though.

    ‘Alright’ is widely used and acceptable.

    All the other corrections are good.

    • Alright and all right are both used. However, alright is not accepted as much as all right is. It’s like Visa vs. American Express. No one accepts American Express, so pick up a Visa instead.

    • “How dare they?” is a (often rhetoric) question. It needs a question mark. Rule of thumb: if the sentence starts with a question word (how, where, who, what, why) it most likely should end with a question mark. ;)

      As far as I know “alright” is not yet a proper word, but given how often that misspelling shows up it might soon be. Either way, it’s best to avoid it, if only so you won’t have to argue about it. “All right” always works and is always accepted.

      • Question for Dark_Sage: Should I have used “an” or “a” or “a (n often” in the first sentence? My gut feeling tells me that the parenthetical phrase shouldn’t influence things outside of it, but I’m not sure about the actual rule here.

        • I’m not Sage (nor even particularly sage), but “an (often” is correct. English is not algebra or programming; the parenthesis is just a stronger version of clause delimiters like commas or dashes. It has no more effect on word choice than they do.

          Also it should be “rhetorical”. “Rhetoric” is a noun.

  3. Okay listen here, who gives a fuck if it’s Your Majesty or your majesty, atleast it is readable and be happy that there are people out there who are willing to translate this stuff!

    About that question mark whining, sure it is important but you can still see what that person means… -__-

    And alright -> All right = X
    It’s alright not all right or Allright.

    The movie script was great. Just as reading a fantasy/Action book. Like the book ” Over a nightningale floor ”

    This movie is a A- for me.
    Because I liked the way that they hid Narutos real powers, because before they used to show Narutos epic powers all the time. It made it less rare, and powerful. On this movie they showed that Naruto can also get beat, and ain’t overpowered. On this movie they had to use teamwork to win.

    That encoding part didn’t happen for me.

    A question.. Why do you care about minor spelling wrongs?
    It’s not like the end of the world, and the “horrible” sub wont make you stop to see what it meant.

    The wrongs in the subs doesn’t matter, aslong as I can read it without pausing the video and be like ” Wtf does it say? “

    • You know why people care about decent English? It’s very simple. When those of us who do grasp the language read something littered with misspellings, bad grammar, atrocious punctuation, and so on, we think it was written by an idiot. I don’t enjoy reading things written by idiots; it fills me with pity and despair, pity for the idiot in question and despair for the future of the human race.

      Now, there are probably many idiots who don’t mind that people see them as idiots. To judge by your comment, you are one such idiot. I applaud your courage in dealing with your handicap. But, and please don’t take offense, the world would be a far better place if it were not riddled with idiots.

      Luckily, idiocy can be remedied. In your case, I would highly recommend a good remedial English course; many high schools offer them. If you dropped out, or were mistakenly granted a high school diploma, it’s likely that there are night classes available in your area, so you don’t even have to take time off from your job at McDonald’s. Many areas offer classes in English as a second language, if that is more appropriate to your situation.

      Good luck!

      • Amen! I applaud and heartily second your remarks. Many people are sliding into illiteracy without even knowing it. There is a sad, sad commentary to be found here on the state of our basic education. I don’t intend to even begin to address the shocking waste of money and time a college education is becoming… There are those even in the public eye, who regard the English language as their own personal property, to do with as they see fit. Thank you for defending that which should need no defense– CORRECT and acceptable written communication.


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