Fansub Review: [CCS] Naruto Shippuden Movie 4

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You know, when I started these guys off and they were unable to translate “Anata”, I knew this would be a very special release.

They didn’t subtitle the insert song, the timing was off in a number of places, they didn’t sub the ending song, and they missed a number of words the characters said.

There were so many errors in these subs that I could only pick out the worst of them.

And let me just quote their site:

Update: We didn’t had time to QC, plus due to Alex on leave for his xams, U might face some typos!

Please mention them in the comments, so that we can correct them in our HD -720p version.

They say this in their 1GB 1280×576 release:

***It’s not an upscale!!!***

And then they say this:

“How’s the Raw quality of NS movie 4?….
Well, you see, the best raw so far is still around 360p… we’re waiting for a 480p or 400p raw..
720p will take time to get released!


Oh yeah, these guys are a class act.


This is all supposed to be one sentence. Obviously, you don’t capitalize the second part of a sentence, because that would be stupid.

Note: This happens multiple times.

A comma does not end a sentence, you morons.

Note: They do this a LOT.

Try “Father, Brother, let’s go.”

They just capitalize random shit.

Note: This happens innumerable times.

So dumb they had to repeat it twice.

It should be either “protect the queen!” or “protect Queen Sara!”

I am saddened to find out that there are editors this stupid.

Period or ellipses. Choose.

Note: You guessed it. This happens more than once.

the source


Nimpo? Really?

Even Dark_Sage can’t handle this amount of Engrish.

Oh, Naruto.

Oh shi- and what then?!

Go on. I’m listening.

Right, and…?

Flawless execution!

So, you still have some chakra left.

combine. When they combine.

Check your tenses.

The word you’re looking for is “when”.

Words fail me.

This is not an anti-blindess jutsu.

I’m sure we’ll see each other again.

You’re missing something.

Many things are.




Overall grade: F

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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  1. That was sooooo funny. You got so annoyed at the bad English, and grammar and and omG oh no now I am so nervous writing that I am confused where to put my comma and full stop in case you get mad. lol.

    I think it makes the movie feel more Japanese with the editing as it is – authentic flavour. =)


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