[Whine-Subs] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 05

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Glory holes. Gotta love ’em


It’s finals month. I’ve got 9001 tests and 9001 projects. All due within a week of each other. Heads up to my homie Moshiburner over at UTW who had to sub dat flower even with other shit.


You may ask: Why are Whine-Subs delaying so much? I can’t get my dose of good english and now I’m wondering if I should just download gg’s release and eat some mexican food while watching portuguese subs.

Let me tell you:

Since I’m the TL (the only TL), the shit gets delayed if I delay. Other shit can be settled relatively easily. (i.e. last week when we said “fuck dark_sage” and did our shit) However, this time I put my studies over fucking around with anime just for ~1000 downloads. No, officer, I don’t give a fuck.

If you’re thinking right now, “Dude, kyonyUU is fucking raging over school. What a douche. This nerdy little kid just gave us the finger.” Then you’re probably right. I do this for the lulz when I can, and not for other people. Cuz I don’t give a fuck about people online who I’ve never met.

Although no one really complains about the delays (since no one really downloads them anyway), here’s the C episode five.


MKV torrent: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=download&tid=214687

MKV DDL: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XWIYA5MS

AVI torrent: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=download&tid=214699

AVI DDL: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J3I42M5C


[insert random cynical comments and thousands of links to lulzy pictures and shit here]


Oh, BTW, if you see any other group having delays, it’s probably me. I have more than 9001 registered nicks in various groups in various jobs in various languages (the fuck?). And I change nicks almost every season or so.

Fuck this shit.


P.S. as usual, (from now on) comment on errors and shit.


18 thoughts on “[Whine-Subs] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 05”

  1. Fucking good job on bringing this good fucking shit to fucking release. Kudos to fucking kyonyUU and fucking Dark_Sage for bringing this shit to the shitty fucking light of fucking shitty day.



    And best fucking wishes on finishing this shitty stage of school and moving on to the next fucking shitty level.

  2. No problem!
    I waited it out like any other average guy. I’m not like the impatient fucks on any channel typing “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU WHAR MY FUCKING C YOU FUCKING LAZY FUCKS WHO FUCK THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF DOING FUCKSUBBING!!!!!!11!!!”.

    I also prioritise studying (usually) over fansubbing. Fansubbing isn’t going to get me a job when I’m older… ._.

  3. Congratulations on being absolutely swamped by work. I feel ya bro. Right here. In my spleen. Wait. SHIT! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SPLEEN?!
    Anyway good luck fo srs. Remember: whatever happens, don’t let them get to your pancreas.

  4. One of the patient downloaders aka leecher reporting!

    It’s understandable why this episode was delayed so just focus on your school work before anything else.

  5. I really wanted to write something encouraging and meaningful here, but I kinda failed…

    So am just going to say “Thanks for the release” and “The wait was justified”…

  6. Though we don’t have as many downloads as everyone else, I love the fact I can come in on a release several fucking days late and a) Not see people bitching about it, b) See “leechers” commenting about waiting patiently (LIKE A BOSS) and c) Not have people complaining about how “important fansubbing is”.

    I <3 this place.

  7. Thanks for the sweet release, guys! I can see you did your timing homework this time ^^
    BTW, perhaps I missed the TN note from the first episode (I haven’t watched it as your release yet), so could you, please, explain why do you translate “machi” (町) as “street” and not “block/town”? I mean, yes, of course, “street” can also be one of the meanings, depending on a context, but the “Financial District” area doesn’t look like a single street to me at all… So were there any specific reasons to go with such a translation?

  8. If it makes you feel any better about your 1000 downloads, I am using your subs for storing. I normally wait for these subs but I needed my money fix and went with gg.

  9. Just wanted to say, your translations are by far the best for C & I will wait for them no matter how long all your other meaningless shit takes. J/K… I feel your pain, i jumped through hoops to get my “Education” also.


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