[Whine-Subs] C Monologues – Q

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[C] Monologues

I am but a lone Asset.
That is why I am uninterested in the Entre’s emotions, personal life, and the actions in the real world.
The relationship between Asset and Entre.
Deal is everything.
I will take that as my principle.
But, my Entre will sometimes call me in situations other than Deals.
He calls it a date.
We walk around in the Finance District.
Say trivial things.
Sometimes he will eat with me.
To other Entres, it’s a flashy scene.
I think that such actions are unimportant as well.
But there isn’t any reason to reject him.
So we act together.
The Entre is satisfied with that.
But, the Entre next to me makes me feel uncomfortable at times too.
Like someone is grasping my chest…
And I want to confirm such a feeling too.
That is a feeling normal Assets cannot feel. A special feeling.
Maybe that has an irreplaceable relationship with the future that the Entre lost.
But as it is now, I do not have much freedom.
That is why I will take up the responsibility of an Asset.
The Entre will hope for that as well.

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