[Whine-Subs] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 10; C-Monologues: Jennifer Satou

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Yes, this is both a release post for [C] Ep10 and Monologues. Probrem?

I highly recommend reading Jennifer Satou’s Monologue before watching the episode. Of course, if you don’t like to think when you’re watching anime, then you don’t HAVE to read the Monologues. Actually, if you don’t like to think, then why are you watching [C]?

[C] Monologues

Jennifer Satou
In the beginning, I only thought that the boy had came in the wrong time. {that’s what she said}
When he won his first deal, I thought that was luck, too.
I talked to him because he was a normal person.
Looking into his eyes, I realized that he knew there are some things on this world more important than money.
And it’s also because I couldn’t watch him continue to get dragged down by this district.
No, that’s not really it.
I have always been unsettled.
I kept trying to find a person that will support what I will do.
A person who can say “Yes.” to the option of getting the future back.
He is most suitable.
Mikuni must have had the same thoughts I had.
Perhaps even thinking of making him the successor of the Mukudori Guild.
But I believed that will never happen.
The colors that Mikuni has abandoned, he still possesses them with great warmth.
That’s the ability to call something weird, weird.
A spiritual source to be able to say “No” to irrationality.
I have that source as well.
The things that we are about to do, will definitely bring an irremovable effect on modern society.
But those things are essential to take back the future.
I believe that the young man can understand it, too.



Also, I highly suggest that you archive the series when we release a batch or something, then watch if AFTER you’ve taken an economics class or two. Some terms, such as clearing, sound normal but have different meanings in economics.

If you’re thinking right now, “kyonyUU, Y U SO SRS?”

I don’t have a response for that.

I’m tired.

My eyes are dying after watching anime for 20 hours everyday for the past week.


[C] Money of Soul and Possibility Control Episode 10

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13 thoughts on “[Whine-Subs] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 10; C-Monologues: Jennifer Satou”

  1. thx. By the way, do you guys have original audiotracks for monologues? Ones, that had been on web-site? Youtube versions quite bad.

  2. I really appreciate you letting your eyes bleed for us in order to bring us some good shit.
    Now I wish I’d finished up the Econ class though…


  3. Why watch 20 hours of anime every day for the last week?
    Oh and take some liquor before trying to sleep, it will help you sleep longer then without the liquor.

  4. Whew, it was a bumpy ride but we can finally see the end.
    It was great trip, although you did all the driving and steering…

    Makes me wonder if you will pick a new show up? Perhaps you have your eyes set on something?

  5. Hi, just want to ask can you guys re-upload http download for ep 1-10,
    I just heard this series and it seems like a great show, I tried the torrent but no one is seeding it and it is been four days and every episode is still 0.0 %, and i tried the http download, only ep 11 works, others been deleted.

    • All the files for the torrents are on my seedbox. My seedbox is apparently down right now, which is the reason why there aren’t any seeds. But yeah, it seeds everything at decent speeds when it’s up. Should be up later today.


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