Fansub Review: [Asuka-subs] Astarotte no Omocha (Episode 03)

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Oh hey, it’s fansub review time. I wanted to get these done sooner, but I get 30 kbps upload/download here and work is killing me. :/ Anyway, here we go. After this, I promise four Ano Hana reviews. Enjoy~

OP/ED. Decent enough.


It took me a second to realize this wasn’t a secondary character’s text; the text at the top was their “typesetting”. It stays on the screen for too long and is entirely static in its positioning at the top. Bad form all around.

More typesetting.


Improper tense here. The question should be “Do you need to retrieve something?” because what he wants to retrieve has not been retrieved yet. Basic shit, here.

Ah, it’s lines like these that make me remember why I’m an alcoholic.

Here’s an example where punctuation is important. People always whine when I talk about the importance of commas. “You’re too nitpicky!” Are you that fucking blind? This isn’t right, here.

Uguu. You guys are making me uguu. You happy?

Why would you do this?

This almost seems like the start of a childhood rhyme.

At this point, I gave up.

I wonder if they realizes they’ve made quite a few mistakes.

everyday -> every day

Only the finest encoding.

For your daily dose of redundancy, call on Asuka-subs!

This comes off a comma in the previous line. Obviously, you wouldn’t capitalize this. There’s a lot of fail here.

No comments directly on these because

A. You should be able to see the problems.

B. Spending another second thinking about these subs makes me want to hang myself.


Overall grade: F

Numerous awkwardly-worded sentences, poor grammar, and the colossal fuck-ups you’ve seen here (obviously these weren’t the only ones in the release). Terribad.

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  1. I guess there’s a couple situations where “wakuwaku” -could- be translated as “Cute! Cute!”, but I have a feeling that’s not the case here, and the translation is just inaccurate as all hell.

    Have a translator take a look at this episode, and you’ll most likely find the release fails in even more ways than originally thought.

  2. I am the admin of Askua subs. I do apologize for the “fuck ups” as you call them, but for the BD rips most of the grammar mistakes have been corrected. we are a speed sub group meaning we try and have the episodes out as soon as possible, so some mistakes are unavoidable. We do however try our best to correct them before they are sent out. Plus you need to remember we are still a very new group and we only have two members so please bare with us as we go through our growing pains ok.


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