Fansub Review: [Taka] Ano Hana (Episode 05)

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Taka’s script for Ano Hana is the best I’ve seen for the show – and one of the best fansub scripts I’ve seen in a while. The script itself gets an A. But the encoding…

OP/ED. Pretty fucking good.

Typesetting. Yeah, this is great as well.

It should be “a while” because awhile is an adverb. Check it: link.

Oh, and that’s the only English problem I found.


Now here’s the QUALITY encoding I was talking about. Thanks to Hiroto for telling me why.

<Hiroto> Dark_Sage, has anyone told you why taka’s encoding is so shit yet?
<Hiroto> lol
<&Dark_Sage> no
<&Dark_Sage> why
<Hiroto> bad deinterlace
<&Dark_Sage> In stupid-man language, please
<Hiroto> FujiTV’s hard telecining (mixing the chroma from 2 different fields on a combed frame at a scene change)
<Hiroto> basically the encoder didn’t watch it afterwards


Overall grade: ;___; (It depends how much value you put on quality visuals)

Dammit, Taka. You have a fucking pro-tier script right here and what the fuck do you do? You ruin it with the encoding! Too fucking bad the scripts are hardcoded so I can’t put the scripts on a good raw. :/

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  1. What’s your problem with hardsubbed scripts? I don’t see any advantages in softsubbed shows since there are problems with players and so on. That’s why I personally prefer hardsubbed ones.

  2. I love you guys, but we need to focus on the ‘now’ not ‘what was.’

    04-06 = .avi
    07-08 = .mp4
    09-11 = .mkv

    Might be wrong here but when I started up in 06, or so with m.3.3.w just as a fledgling idea, my shit comp couldn’t play an mp4 for the life of me. Nowadays I’m all about the mkv.


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