Fansub Review: [m.3.3.w] Ano Hana (Episode 04)

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<3 ya, Team m.3.3.w

But in an effort to be fair, I shan’t hold back my punches. I do this for love!

I don’t know why, but for the OP, the higlight covers change every line from blue to red. The flower is also a nice touch (it alternates color with the lines). Also included is the insert song (which transforms itself into the ED song). Overall decent karaoke.

The typesetting’s okay.

I’m no TL, but translating “A-Ano sa” into “H-Hey, wait up!” sounds like excessive flourish.

Way too wordy. “Umm… You’re going to start coming to school again, right?”

“The other time” is implied by the context already established in the show.

I don’t recall her saying that in this episode, so the timeframe when she supposedly said that is off. How about we just get to the crux of the line and make it “I thought you didn’t believe me.”

In between these two screenshots is another line, but the point remains that the general phrasing is needlessly repeated.

Someone actually wrote this line and thought it sounded good.

This line came a Menma too early. Timing error.

Why is kotatsu capitalized? That’s like capitalizing blanket.

Uhh, no. That’s not how you do it. You’re pitiful. is part of the quote, so keep it all inside the quotation marks. You put the punctuation outside of the quotation marks when it doesn’t apply to the inside quote (using British English style – the best kind for quotation marks) or always put it inside if you’re following American English rules. It’s never always outside.

Overall grade: B+

I have a feeling this is grade inflating or something. But whatever. Grades’ll be revamped for the new season anyway. I’d watch these over gg’s and Taka’s (cuz of the encoding), but based on my memory of UTW’s release, I’d have to recommend UTW right now. Doki is apparently redoing their episodes 1-7 due to needing to fix translation mistakes, so we’ll have to see how that plays out. Next up, Frozen.

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  1. Are you seriously using that single ep title to illustrate the typesetting?

    Fail. M33W’s typesetting is better than Doki yet you’ve conveniently decided to only show Doki’s typesetting.

    Fail review.


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