Fansub Review: [Frozen] Ano Hana (Episode 06)

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Everyone says Frozen has the best release. Are they right? Spoilers: no, they aren’t lol

OP/ED. Yes, they’re very good.

Typesetting. Yes, it’s very good.

Knew. Past tense. Menma’s dead.

1. Never use this phrase.

2. It’s “Oh my god!”

3. Never use this phrase.

Not quite a question there?

The “it” in the second frame is referring to “all my troubles” in the first. Plural/singular fuck-up. Not so good. :/

the only reason

you mean.

stuff = singular

them = plural

What happened here? ._.

Since you did that

more like. He already did the action in question.

Overall grade: B

C-tier editing only excused by high-quality typesetting and an interesting translation (they had some pretty good jokes and phrasings in this episode).

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  1. Ehhh… Give all groups a voice out! But then again, it’s your choice. If you want to review at least one of their stuff, just go with Hanasaku instead of their A-Channel.

  2. Actually, since ‘God’ is a proper noun, and the phrase ‘Oh my God’ is a shortened line from what one would normally say during a prayer, the capitalization of the letter G is correct in this case.

  3. Further more, one would only use the lowercase letter G for the word god when not referring to God it/her/himself. Example: “Thank you for fixing my computer, you’re a god with computers!”

    Also, the confusing and improper use of capitalization stems from the persistence to disambiguate the concept of a singular God, specifically the Christian God, from pagan deities for which lower case god has continued to be applied, as a form of disrespect and suppression.

  4. I haven’t seen the episode, but I want to comment on a few things:

    “Oh my god” vs “Oh my God” depends on if “God” is being used as a proper noun by the author. Some people will say “God” should never be capitalized there, whereas some will say it should be.

    “Stuff” is NOT singular – it’s an uncountable noun. Since the definition is usually “things”, the “them” is probably acceptable. For example, “Wow, you have a lot of stuff in that storage room. If you’re not using that stuff, can I have them?”

    For “mom” and “their kids”, the editor is using a singular they. Not good in formal writing (or to traditionalists, but fine for a teen girl).

    So no, the editing is not really as bad as it seems, though it is a bit sloppy at parts.


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