Fansub Review: [Doki] Hidan no Aria (Episode 03)

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Oh yeah, nearing the end of my backlog, just in time for the new season.



She’s talking about the cat plushes. There are two of them. Ergo, “These are so cute!”

Is this really a bus hijacking?

You need to spruce this up. Make it First Butei Charter or perhaps even Butei Charter Number One. I prefer the former because it mimics the Constitution’s amendments here in the U.S., at least in terms of style (First Amendment, Second Amendment, etc.).



I don’t have the abilities you think I do.

Not very good phrasing there, guys.

This line makes no sense in the episode. Maybe something like “So, you were sniping because…” would make it sensical.



She’s talking directly to Kinji-san. You don’t have to be literal to the point of stupidity, Doki Editor.

Really? You can’t make this flow any better?

It’s not like I saved you because you’re special or anything.

Overall grade: B-

The general impression I had of this release was ._. but that might be just because the show sucks. I dunno.

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