Fansub Review: [SHiN-gx] Hanasaku Iroha (Episode 05)

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Competent release? Yes. Good, even. But time-to-market is everything, guys. If you can’t manage to release your episodes in a timely manner, I think it’s time to disband and let your staff move on to bigger and better things.

OP/ED. Yes, it’s just English. Kinda plain.

Typesetting.  The font for the main episode is fucked up (lowercase q’s appear as uppercase q’s, for example)

four-star inn.

there, given

Try to avoid three-liners whenever possible, kthx.

This line, along with a few others, was a little too long for my liking. (By that, I mean it was impossible to read as it wasn’t timed long enough.)

hardworking people, you mean?

Missing a “you” in there somewhere.


Overall grade: B+

There were a number of things I could’ve nitpicked (such as “onwards”, which really should have been “onward”), but the most important thing here to note is that SHiN-gx only manages to match the quality of translation that HorribleSubs does, but they take two more months to get there. Is it worth the wait? No. For a two-month wait, I better get a blowjob with my subs. As my dick is currently not being sucked, I’m gonna have to recommend passing on this group.

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  1. What happened to that bandana-wearing “Anonymous” dude? I think you need to ask him for the 20 minutes or so of your life back that you wasted watching this crap at his/her prodding…

    • I imagine he just got mad that I didn’t wholeheartedly recommend SHiN-gx, so he just stormed off of the internets in a fit of rage and started killing hitchhikers to relieve his anger.


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