Fansub Review: [Umee] Deadman Wonderland (Episode 03)

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I had these screenshots taken a month or so ago. Just never posted ’em. Whoops.

They didn’t bother with kara for the OP. The song’s in English, so that’s somewhat understandable.


Typesetting. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done.


Enamored? I don’t think that’s the word you were looking for. Try something a bit less heavy. “interested”, perhaps?


Drop “specifically”. The line isn’t long enough to sustain all those words.

Not a big fan of “if you get me”. “so to speak” seem like it would fit in a lot nicer.

The encoding didn’t seem to be very good right here. But I’m not sure if that was just the raw’s shitty quality or not.

I like the word use here more than just endlessly translating “baka baka baka” as “Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!” I applaud them for this.


Overall grade: B+

Grade mostly got docked for lack of good kara or kara at all, phone-it-in typesetting and questionable encoding. I did like the script a lot, though.

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  1. Sorry for only noticing this now, but I did “edit” this for umee so I feel I must point something out. “Swirly looking” is correct without a hyphen. Modifiers that end in -ly are almost never hyphenated. If we had another modifier between “swirly looking” and “thing,” then it’s acceptable for readability’s sake.

    • You’re right, and this is something that has been fixed in my corrections for shows this season. Wish you would’ve mentioned this earlier. >_<

  2. I’m from a Turkish fansub and every turkish fansub has its own discord server. So, do english fansubs have their own servers or sites too?

    • I suspect that’s where they all went since it’s far better for collaboration than IRC was. I haven’t kept up on what the scene has been doing recently though.


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