Oh fuck, the new season’s already started?

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Why didn’t anyone tell me?

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So, yeah. I’ll have Doki’s Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Doki’s Blood-C, and Hiryuu’s Double-J all up by the end of the day. I do it for you. (Pretty sure that’s all that’s been released so far.)


As for the reviews… I’ve been contemplating various ways to provide information that people need to choose which subs are right for them. I think I have a good idea of how to provide that information. Like what, you ask?

  • File size
  • ETA from original air date (if the show airs at 7:00 AM and the subs come out at 2:o0 PM, the ETA is 7 hours from air. Pretty simple.)
  • Honorifics (this section needs to be renamed, but basically I’ll talk about whether or not honorifics are used, if various Japanese words are translated or left in their original Japanese, and any liberties or such that may be taken.)
  • Release format (If a group provides an HQ MKV and an LQ AVI, that might be useful information to some people.)

And with the advent of this new season, I guess this means my (long-in-progress) Editor’s Bible needs to be fast-tracked to completion so that it’s immediately useful for editors this season. Well, there goes my day~


Any recommendations on how to change my format, what information you want to see, or anything else that will allow my reviews to help you make more informed decisions on which group’s subs to watch?

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  1. Well, I know you say you don’t know Japanese, but something I’ve noticed (and I believe you were sometimes trying to show), is that if you compare subs side-by-side, you can usually get some kind of feel for which script “makes the most sense”. Even though it’s not your specialty, I think those are the kind of comments I appreciate the most.

    Anyway, glad to see you’re back. I’m looking forward to another season of “Dark_Sage vs. the (Fansubbing) World”.


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