Fansub Review: [Hiryuu] Double-J (Episode 01)

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Wait, this thing is only four minutes long? So much for entering the new season with a bang.

File size: 60.6 MB. This won’t break your bandwidth caps.

Japanesiness: Names are in family order. Honorifics are used.

Release type: MKV

Font styling: Leaves a bit to be desired. Capital letters don’t stand out, and this is especially true of C’s (the “C” in Chousokabe actually looks lowercase at first glance). Colors are fine and it’s generally easy to read, although the distance between letters and commas is kind of cramped.

Karaoke. There wasn’t an OP. However, the ED was done very well.

Typesetting. Everything was typeset and it was done well.

You don’t enroll into something. You enroll in it.

my friend, Arima Sayo,

You already did it with Usami’s name. How could you forget to do it for Arima?

Word choice. “respectable” would work much better here, especially considering the heart of the issue is all about the respectability of professions.


Overall grade: A-

I’m not sure that any fansub groups are gonna bother competing with Hiryuu on this, and I’m not sure many people will even bother watching it. Grab Hiryuu’s version and kill your brain cells for a few minutes. The last 20 seconds of the episode will be worth it.

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