Fansub Review: [gg] Kamisama no Memochou (Episode 01)

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I spent more time trying to QC this than their editor spent in high school.

File size: 243 MB (for part 1 of 2)

ETA from air date: N/A. It was a pre-release.

Japanesiness: Western name order. No honorifics.

Release format: MKV

Chapters: None. gg doesn’t know how to do something that complex.

Encoding: ??? 2:30 through 2:51 lagged terribly on my computer. I updated my drivers and reinstalled CCCP with the new build, but it still lagged. This was the only part of the episode that was fucked up for me. Not sure if this happened to any others, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

OP. Just hard text, no actual karaoke. The ED was not included in this half of the release.

Typesetting. Passable in some cases, good in others. Most everything was typeset (with only a few notable exceptions), which is always nice.

Tense issues.

Time just flew by and I became a high school student before I realized it.

This needs the definite article “the”. In fact, a depressing number of lines in this script were missing definite articles.

Numerous, numerous lines in this script could have been fixed with a simple “so” after the comma. I would also suggest placing “the” before “school regulations”.

You may not realize this, but two people are speaking at once here. This is why most groups change the font of the second line so that’s clear.

Also, it should be “no members”, not “no member”.

a long time ago.

This seems… off.

“Why did you only reply quickly to that question?!”

I think we’ll let this stand on its own.

You might be distracted enough by the lack of capitalization for “Dad” that you don’t notice the overuse of “only” and the terrible phrasing in the latter part…

No matter where we live, Dad will only come back home a couple times a year.

“Treat you for dinner”?

The phrase is “Treat you to dinner”.

Way too wordy for the time it was given. Also, it should be “in a part-time job”

It’s not hard to fix this. “Work, as in a part-time job?”

You miss out on the convenience store detail, but you don’t disorient your readers. It’s a fair trade-off.

You could go two ways with this.

“It’s not a matter of suspicion.”

“It’s not a matter of being suspicious or not…”

Not so good with tenses, eh, gg?

It’s “Do”, not “Did”.

The bottom line is absolute nonsense. Despite the ellipses, the line doesn’t even continue.

Are there any objections   OR

Is there any objection

This is not fucking hard, people. This is fucking basic, basic shit that no one should ever get wrong. Fuckin’ A.


As in, “Dark_Sage agreed to kill gg’s editor in exchange for a bag of turnips although he gladly would have done it for free.”

Self-satisfaction is not like a door; you don’t go into it. In fact, this whole sentence is fucking nonsense.

“Are you the type who would bask in self-satisfaction after trying to help a young, helpless bird fly by throwing it into the sky?”

“Without even realizing the bird fell to its death on the asphalt, you would undoubtedly walk away with a smug expression on your face.”
Holy fucking shit, that was easy to fix. You don’t need nonsense in your subs, you just need someone who doesn’t drink battery acid like water.

Ugh, ugh.

as big as

Also, it’s Chinatown.

An ordinary detective gathers intel, goes on stakeouts, and walks around to gather information.

This is simple shit.

search the world and discover the truth without taking a single step outside!




information is singular. “is nothing more than”

From the front to the back of the shop, a total of six units are installed.


And at the end, they missed subbing a line that should have been “What are you–”


Overall grade: F

I feel it is important to note that I had over 60 screenshots of their English failure saved for this release, and even then I was being lenient. I had to throw out 30 of them in the interest of making this review readable.

I know gg’s editing test isn’t easy, so how these grade-A morons keep getting into gg always surprises me. Anyway, this release is incomprehensibly stupid (I didn’t even touch on the beginning of the episode which had me super confused for a minute or two) and I would suggest that you avoid it if you have a chance.


tl;dr: Avoid, avoid, avoid

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  1. Haha. I was about to download it too. If the sentence is missing an article, I unconsciously add it in, so it looks perfect to me. :P Well, EveTaku just released their version. Are you going to review that?

    • Who releases without editing?
      Well, I suppose gg does. If they did it for the dl’s, they’re dumbfucks. They’re bound to get the majority of the dl’s anyway.

      • No, no. gg edits. It’s just the main staff was at AX and when they came home the ones who weren’t at AX said it was done. Unedited done.


    >As for the Kamisama no Memochou ep 1 part a script, I p. much came back to the vacation house the other night and was told to release it and was also told it was done. Apparently unedited means done. Or rather, their idea of “editing” was “Zwill running spellcheck in Aegisub”. I’m pretty sure my staff is full-on retarded when I’m not there leading them by hand. Will fix later.

  3. “a total of six units -are- installed”
    IS installed since “a total” is singular ^^ just trolling, of course ^^


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