Summer 2011 Anime Opinions: Blood-C, Double-J, Ro-Kyu-Bu!

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Sorry. None of these are really worth watching as of yet.


This scene made me have hope for future episodes
It’s Clamp. Clamp fans, don’t kid yourselves. You’re gonna watch this regardless of what I say. For people new to Clamp, I’d watch something like xxxHOLiC first.


See, this show doesn’t really have a flavor of its own. It starts off slow, then switches to a bit of interesting classroom talk, goes back to being slow, switches to an action scene that starts slow and then gets going into action mode, and then it goes back to slow mode.

What I got from this was “Clamp tries to emulate Blood+ while trying to do its own thing at the same time.” Honestly, I’m not sure how this will work out for them. I’m gonna need to see another episode or two before I have a clear grasp of where they’re going with this.

For now though? Can’t really recommend it yet.


The only good thing about this four-minute show was the ED. And here I have provided it in Youtube form (karaoke courtesy of Hiryuu), so you don’t even need to bother with the show anymore. Lucky you.

… What? You want an actual explanation? Fine. It’s a short, slice-of-life comedy involving high school girls. That’s literally all there is to it. Enjoy the ED.



This is the loli anime of this season. They try to play off the loli bits as comedy ala Astarotte or Kodomo no Omocha, but it never really gets to such “absurd” levels of comedy. I’d say it’s closer to Ichigo Mashimaro in that regard, except there’s a lot more naked loli fondling. It’s supposed to be a story about basketball, but the author clearly just put a bunch of ideas in a hat and pulled out basketball, so that’s the angle that’s supposed to make it unique.

By now you probably already know if you’re gonna watch it or not, so I’ll shut up~



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  1. Blood C is written and directed by the guys from Blood + and Blood: The Last Vampire; it’s supposed to emulate it because it’s part of the same “universe”.

    • I understand that. But I felt that the direction of the episode was unclear – almost as if it was unsure of what kind of show it was supposed to be.

      • They think they’re being clever. “Oh, it’s a mundane high school comedy. NANIIIII? NOW SHE’S A SWORD-WIELDING DEMON KILLER? WHO COULD HAVE FORESEEN IT?” Answer to the last: every single fucking viewer of the OP, that’s who.

        Ah well, Sturgeon’s Law.*

        * “90% of everything is shit.”

  2. Blood-C – Sounds like Blood+ with the lack of direction and switch between fast and slow. I’ll still give it the benefit of the doubt and watch the first episode, although with low expectations.

    Double-J – Toothpick is my favorite character so far. Anyway, I’m working on it, so I’m watching it. :P

    RKB – I haven’t seen the first episode yet. I haven’t seen the first script yet. I already don’t feel like working on it anymore. Oh well, maybe there’s a hidden upside to it that no one mentioned or the dialog is at least fun to write, will have to see.

    Manyuu – Any TL willing and able to work on this please contact _Firebird_ in #[email protected]
    Hey, advertising can’t hurt, even though (nearly) no one reads the comments anyway. ;)


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