Fansub Review: [Doki] Ro-Kyu-Bu! (Episode 01)

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It’s loli time.

File size: 307 MB

ETA from air date: 18.5 hours.  Aired Friday, 23:30 JST [14:30 UTC, Friday] released [09:00 UTC, Saturday].

Japanesiness: Honorifics and Japanese name order. “Onii-chan” is left as onii-chan. They did give a TL Note on a Japanese cultural belief, which was interesting.

Release format: MKV

OP/ED. The colors change according to the scenes, which makes it much nicer to watch. I always appreciate it when groups do this for their karaoke.

Typesetting. It’s okay. Much better in some areas (screenshot 2) than others (screenshot 3).

I… No, this is not acceptable. Send it back to the TL and make him re-translate the entire episode as punishment.

“Miho-nee really got me good.” is a line that would fit in really well if more liberal editing were allowed. If not,

“Miho-nee really manipulated me well.”

This is extremely unclear. I rewatched this part a couple times, but it still makes no sense.

I understand that this is probably foreshadowing, so it’s not entirely clear to people, but you can have this run nicely in a catch-all sorta way. For example,

“I know I’m being selfish,

but I don’t want to lose my place here.”

Generic anime is generic, so I’m assuming this chick is going to be scheduled to move to another school away from her friends (although she doesn’t to leave), but through The Power of Friendship, she’ll end up staying.

No, no. I don’t give a shit if you wanna use “onii-chan”, but you must remember what onii-chan means. It means brother.

“He’ll be just like our Brother!” does NOT work.

In this case, even though Doki called him Onii-chan earlier, I’d translate onii-chan into brother. Why? Hmm, not sure I should get into this here in the interest of brevity, but the general idea is “What’s up, Onii-chan?” (call him Onii-chan when you’re directly referring to him as a replacement for his name, because calling someone like “What’s up, Brother?” is weird in English) and “That’s my brother” (because “That’s my onii-chan” sounds really bad).

ugh, tl;dr, moving on…

Her predictive and adaptational abilities are quite good.

“situational adaptation” and “movement prediction” are way too wordy to describe what they are. I’m not sure if my suggested replacements are all that good, but the one thing I am confident of is that something needs to be done with this line.

It’s impossible for them to become good in just three days.

My suggested change makes the line more understandable. Though, I admit that this is a much more minor fix than the others.

This is a statement. Drop the question mark.


Overall grade: B

I suspect that if you’re watching Ro-Kyu, you probably don’t care too much about the words on the screen. Rather, you’re looking at the bare-chested lolis. Still, Doki is probably a good choice for this. I can’t imagine many groups wanting to have this be their flagship title. But who knows, I could be wrong. Watch this be the most oversubbed show this season.

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  1. Lolis + Bascketball + Kawaii Onii-chan + Slice of Life + Over Powah Ability = Fail.

    But at least the subs are ok, I like the typesetting of standar lines.

  2. Missing the question mark on the “I wonder…” line was inexcusable on my part. I totally know better. And I did NOT remove the typesetting on the school name; that happened after my QC.

    Yes, the “lose that place” line is most likely foreshadowing and it meeant nothing to me, although I think “lose MY place” would be wrong, too. I have a feeling “that place” is the gym, or the right to practice in it. Just a guess.

    The other comments are valid. Not perfect, but valid.

  3. Not watching this so I have no context, but I’d say
    movement prediction -> anticipation
    situational adaption -> adaptivity


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