Fansub Review: [gg] Sacred Seven (Episode 01)

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The subs are good enough, I guess.

File size: 311 MB

Japanesiness: Western name order. No honorifics.

Release format: MKV

OP/ED: They didn’t bother to translate the OP or the ED for this show. Why? As their TL says, “I don’t want to tl it”

Chapters: Again, gg doesn’t know how to do chapters. It’s pretty complex stuff for a group like them.

Font: Hard to read. Super-thin and the letters have “holes” in them. Terrible choice.

Clever phrasing: Wow, a positive point for once. Okay, there’s this character that gg interpreted to constantly pun the word “hell”, and it works fantastic. Not sure whether this is thanks to the TL or the editor but someone deserves praise for how natural it sounds.


I think we know who the real “idiot’s” here are.

If it’s a question, use a question mark.

Honestly, where does gg find these people?

Capitalize it all. It’s the name of a place.

Morizo Art Museum.

Again, learn to capitalize the names of places.

The City of Yokosuka

Hahahaha. “several” Oh, really?

Try “a number of”. It’s intentionally vague so you don’t get lines that imply “Oh, four or five people are being evacuated. This is totally news, amirite?”

“and is evacuating a number of its citizens.”

in Inode, located in the Jo District.


Overall grade: B-

The English wasn’t terrible, but gg put minimal effort into the show. To be fair, though, the show kinda sucks.

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    • What? Did you want me to ignore their releases for this week because koda’s out spending donations money with glee and totally doesn’t have time to oversee the QUALITY of work we saw last season?

      I’m not here to babysit. If gg felt they had an episode that was worthy of being released, then that’s that and I’m going to review it as such. If their pathetic “me-first, always”, attention-desperate mentality results in a shitty release, that’s no one’s fault but gg’s.

      Of course, I’m not a heartless judging machine here. If gg feels that they can vastly improve upon future releases, than all they need to do is ask me for a re-review on one of those releases.

  1. I’ve learned that they’re released the V2 version of it. I mean do we really need to see the commercials of that?


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