Fansub Review: [Ayako] Ikoku Meiro no Croisee (Episode 01)

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Before this anime, the only French I knew was “omelette du fromage” [Note: Images in the review are broken. Migration issues, sorry.]

File size: 186 MB

Frenchiness: Minimal. Most of the French words are translated into English.

Release format: MKV & AVI

OP/ED. I liked the OP. It fit the show’s style. The ED wasn’t quite that good, but it worked.


And in America we put periods on the ends of our sentences

Oh god, we’re only like ten lines in.

what’s she’s feeling, eh?

I can tell you what I’m feeling right now. :/


Even … and even …

No. This is forbidden. Take one of the evens out and the line works perfectly.

Oh, I thought she was a doll.


All right. It’s a promise.


Overall grade: C+

After Dog Days last season, I was expecting a lot worse. Despite the few total number of errors, I decided on a C+ due to their severity and because the script was only 200 lines (most scripts will end up between 300 and 400 lines) which means they had a lot less work they needed to do for editing this.

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