Fansub Review: [Shikkaku] Ro-Kyu-Bu! (Episode 01)

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I am going to do a translation party of this for sure.

Why a TL party on a show like this, that no one really wants one for? The differences in translations are hilarious.

File size: 261 MB

ETA from airdate: Calculating…

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. Honorifics. Titles like Onii-chan remain in Japanese.

Release format: MKV


Typesetting. Note the error for the one screenshot. “Duty in charge: Flower care”

Charlie Brown editing is not allowed.

Seems redundant to me. I’d just drop the “First and foremost” part.

Much like Doki’s release, this part confused me. I guess I might just have to chalk it up to Japan being intentionally vague about this stuff.


Yes, hyphens are minor quibbles, but they matter to me.

I’d add “some” in here so that it reads “the Virgin a thermos, the Cancer some jam,”

When I read this, I started to think of traffic jams caused by giant cancer cells driving monster trucks.

… you did too, right?

levels. You raise levels.

If we played all night, we would increase our levels by ten!

TLs, y u do this?!

Try “You idiot, Maho!”

Comma splice. I tend to overlook them these days. But I guess it’s an error nonetheless. Saw a few more, but fuck it. I don’t think you guys much care about them unless they get in the way of the subs, right?


Overall grade: B-

Doki or Shikkaku? Interesting choice. I suppose I’ll have to lean toward Doki on this one, but I don’t think it really matters much. I think the TL party might be the deciding factor, but I’d hedge my bets with Doki for now. Still, not too bad a release.

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  1. “Mom”? But he’s… he’s talking to his aunt. O_0 <— Yes, he's talking to his aunt about his mother who couldn't keep her mouth shut about the "high schooler X elementary schooler incident that caused the basketball club to stop club activities. Therefore FUCK YOU MOMMA!

  2. Yeah, what sucks is I’ve mentioned this to our TLers before. They are fairly decent with English, but when you’re fixing comma splices line after line, eventually you just lose focus and miss a few. It’s funny how comma splices aren’t a big deal in fansubbing, but in actual papers I’d get an automatic 0. lol And the levels is definitely my fault. But meh, it was my 21st birthday weekend that consisted of drinking all 3 days. Finding time somewhere in that weekend to do this and only come out with only these is not too shabby.


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