Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri (Episode 01)

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HorribleSubs to the rescue? Not really…

File size: 277 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. Honorifics. No reliance on the third-person (thanks be to the gods).

Karaoke: None. It’s HorribleSubs.



Typesetting. Most of it’s just the regular text at the bottom of the screen. It sometimes got in the way of the script itself.

Again, you gotta accent the “are” here. Natural-sounding text, guys! Natural!

Says the girl who’s making a gun with her fingers?

Pretty sure Tonde had this right with the whole “Firing my way into everyone’s hearts!”

This needs more to be legit sentence.

“Isn’t there anything more exciting to do?”

“Isn’t there anything more exciting than this?”

Pro-tier encoding.

sentences usually start with capital letters.

Leave “tea club” in lowercase. She’s referring to “tea club” as a generic term here so it doesn’t need to be capitalized like it would if she were talking about Shouwa Middle School’s Tea Club or the like.

Why would you make this two lines? There’s no good reason at all.

They forgot to comment this line out. It appears for about a second and then it continues with a bunch of similar-sounding lines afterward. Extremely distracting.

This is a statement, so no need for a question mark.

This is not how you typeset.

I much prefer Tonde’s interpretation of this as “strong point”, rather than “outstanding quality”. “Outstanding quality” is basically just shitty phrasing/English.

any more -> anymore


Overall grade: D+

I’d have to give this release the nod over Tonde’s v1 of YuruYuri if only because Crunchyroll’s TLs translated more of the script than Tonde did. Each group had different phrasing issues, but I preferred HorribleSub’s style overall because they didn’t insert the third-person into everything.

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