Fansub Review: [Chiki-Subs] Twin Angel (Episode 01)

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For the love of your personal deity, do not watch this release.

The entire script is fucking broken to pieces, so I just decided to list the top twenty failings of this release.

Special fansub review episode, go!

File size: 199 MB (HQ), 233 MB (LQ)

Release format: “HQ” MKV, LQ MKV

Karaoke: Of course not. The groups this season are apparently shit and unable to make even the most basic karaoke. Although, I suspect they’re lacking karaoke because their TL’s too stupid to translate it.

Chapters: Like most of the groups this season, Chiki is too fucking stupid to know how to chapter shit.

Preview: Untranslated. Perhaps for the best, as I’m not sure the English language could take any more abuse.

Fun fact: These morons encoded their “HQ” release with a raw that was a smaller size than their LQ one. Way to fucking go.



You oughta capitalize Senpai here. It’s taking the place of a name like “Jim” and you’d capitalize that. Follow through. :/

Yes. This isn’t terrible, but “the top 19 errors” just didn’t sound good.


Friendship appeal? I sort of understood this Japanese vaguery from the context, but goddamn does it sound stupid.


Rhetorical or not, a question is a question. lrn2punctuate


things, but…

I have no clue why groups don’t understand how to use commas.


I don’t give a shit if this is a fansub or not. You can’t randomly capitalize words. It doesn’t make your release more “kawaii”. It just makes it shit.


Why would you do this? Five e’s in a row? Good gods…

Also, this isn’t Canada. Fansubbing, I’m call you out on your shit. Don’t fucking use “Eh?” all the time. There are fifty other words for confusion, among them “What?” “Huh?” and “The fuck is this shit?” (as in “The fuck is this shit? Someone should feed Chiki’s staff to a meat grinder.”)


Are you… Are you sure this is the right translation?

“Well, we couldn’t do anything before, but if we try our best…” As if those bitches weren’t straining their panties to the limit before…

It makes no sense, so I’m calling bullshit on this line.


Adding “after all” to random sentences is forbidden. They did this around five times in the script.


What? This is just two separate sentences crammed together in the worst possible way.


This is one of the many sentences in the release that lack ending punctuation. As for improper capitalization and comma usage, that shit was so rampant I didn’t really consider it an error worthy of noting in the top ten – rather, it’s a feature of Chiki-subs.


They didn’t even say they were “double”. What does that even mean here? I think Chiki needs to be a taught a lesson. :/


You’re morons. Your subs are shit.


You’d think this line would have some sort of continuation. Something that follows his “fire or water” comment. You wouldn’t be thinking like Chiki, then. It ends right here.


You left half your fucking script in Japanese and seppuku (capitalized in this script for some reason) is the only one you decided to TL Note, and you called it an Editor Note? And in it, your editor spelled “integral” wrong? Really? Wow…


This line makes absolutely no sense, ever. Several museum pieces around the world are normal? In Chiki-land are there only like 10 museum pieces? Most of them are fucking normal, dipshits.


This is one of those lines where you see one problem and are like “Oh, I can fix that”, but then you see another problem and are like “Well, I guess I can fix that too” and this continues about five times before you scrap it and re-do the whole thing from scratch.



Moving on…


I don’t think the camera’s the only thing that’s borken.


I’m watching subtitles because I can’t understand Japanese. Fuck you guys.


What a line. I think… I think I’ll let this one stand on its own.


Overall grade: F

They’re not quite F- material (that honor goes strictly to Espada), but they’re trying their best. Avoid if at all possible. You may just become dumber by watching their subs.

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  1. Their habit of making the border colours match the speaker’s hair is very annoying, too. Nearly all of the lines are impossible to read anyway, without the added bonus of the lines making no sense.

    • True. Especially considering the lines often overlap the hair, which makes it even harder to read.

      They certainly tried their best to make an unwatchable release.

      • Hmm I sorta like it when the sub colours match the character’s hair, but only when done correctly and it doesn’t affect readability. The only example I have is Static-Sub’s Angel Beats!, whose subs I thought were exceptionally good.

        Wasn’t going to watch this show in the first place at all anyway so…

  2. Chiki and SubDESU are doing R-15 as a joint project this season. Those two combined could create an Espada-tier release.

  3. Just wanted to comment on number 17. You said that a comma should come before the word “but”. I don’t think this is true because “but” is a conjunction. As a conjunction, it joins together 2 words. Therefore, it is unnecessary to put a comma before the word “but”, is it not?

    • “We might get involved in many dangerous things, but I hope we continue to get along.”

      There are some points where you need the comma and some points where you don’t. Here, I think it did.

  4. The multicolor border thing can work, if you use a border that’s more than 1 pixel, bold or naturally thicker-stroke fonts, and a little shadow. None of which were done here, of course. Not to defend utter shyte like this, but plenty of other fansubs and even some R1 subs are guilty of leaving “#-chome” in Japanese. So that’s not a unique crime or failing of chiki here.

    @Kokujin-kun: I know, that “borken” totally should’ve been “borked” instead.


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