Anime Opinions: Blade, Kamisama Dolls, Nurarihyon no Mago S2, YuruYuri

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They should call this season the Season of the Gods. Both “Kamisama” shows are pretty damn good.


This is another one of those Marvel animes. Did you like Wolverine? Did you like X-Men? Well, congratulations. You have shit taste. This is exactly like those shows and it’s just as boring and hideous. But if you liked the previous superhero animes, you know what to expect from Blade. Everyone else should pass on this.


Kamisama Dolls

Not much into the ladies...
Greattastic. The show feels a lot like Kurokami, but hopefully it won’t end up that bad. It’s a show about people fighting one another with ancient creatures they call gods. The animation is sexy, the characters are intriguing, and the violence makes it fun.

I definitely recommend it. Plus, there’s Linda Linda karaoke. Everyone loves Linda Linda.


Nurarihyon no Mago S2

Did you watch the first season? Did you like it? Then watch this.

Nurarihyon is basically about a kid whose grandfather’s a demon commander. The kid’s 1/4th demon, but is pretty much all human in terms of the way he views the world. It’s about him coming into his own as a young adult while simultaneously working against the responsibilities of being a demon and keeping it a secret from his middle school friends.

For what it’s worth, I really didn’t like the first season, but it seems like this season will be heading in a more shounen-oriented route, so perhaps I’ll be able to see why everyone loves it.



I like shoujo-ai and yuri. But this show really isn’t like that (beyond a few mildly-humorous references to one character or another having a crush on one character or another). Basically, what you’re getting is another high school comedy. It breaks the fourth wall a lot, but it didn’t really have much more to offer. At least the girls are cute…



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  1. K-Dolls was my most anticipated series of the season, but it was a huge disappointment. “Girls Side” was did foreshadow the moe-ness, but still… I hated the heroine. Plus, the other girl’s cow tits are absurd. That dude was pretty cool though, he should’ve been the “pilot” of the mecha.

    Gonna marathon Nurarihyon after the entire series is done, the other 2 are too stupid to even worth an attempt.

      • Well, I don’t read manga, so my expectations were purely based on trailer/PV, which I thought were exceptionally well-directed.

        I was expecting some interesting direction like ‘Gare-Zero’ or at least attempt some psychological crap like ‘Bokurano’, but I was sadly mistaken T_T

        • Hmm, I could see why you’d think that. Yeah, I didn’t watch the trailer, so with everything that happened, I was surprised. Dead body in the elevator? Gods fighting? Humongous tits? I got sucked in. :X

  2. K-Dolls has been on my ‘could be good’ list since it was announced. As for ‘Cow tits’ girl – well that’s pretty much how she’s depicted in the manga. I like it so far. P.S. You made my day – that Bluehearts video was awesome.

  3. Kamisama Dolls has peaked my interest as well. I just got done watching Freezing a few months ago. So, big tits don’t scare me.

    BTW, did anyone else notice the yaoi issues Aki seems to have towards Kuga? Hibino might want to keep away from Kuga. Aki will totally go yandere on her if she is seen shacking up with Kuga.


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