Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] Kamisama Dolls (Episode 01)

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It’s HorribleSubs. You know what to expect.

File size: 149 MB

Japanesiness: Honorifics and Japanese name order. Things like “Onii-chan” are translated into “Brother”.

Release format: MKV

Karaoke: None. CR’s translators aren’t allowed to translate this stuff, so you’ll never get karaoke on a HorribleSubs release.

Typesetting. It speaks for itself.

Okay, okay, here are three more typesetting screens. Well, if you can call it that…

No it wouldn’t alright.

How do English?

each other = 2 people

one another = 3 or more people

~The more you know~

Even if it’s a rhetorical question, it’s still a question. Question mark at the end.


No comma, needed

You may take the excess comma from the previous shot and put it in here.

this, but…

This should be a cardinal sin.


Overall grade: B-

Before you jump in on this, wait for the inevitable rip group that will go in and add karaoke, typesetting, and fix the errors.

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  1. I know they used the same font in KamiNomi2, but I really like this font. It fits the atmosphere pretty well IMO.

    You caught all these editing errors, but their translation front was SOLID for this episode.

  2. I caught a couple of modest errors. For example, “For one?” becomes “Table for one?”. Also, “Did Utao get to sleep?” becomes “Did Utao fall asleep?”. Negligible or not, I FELT LIKE CHANGING THEM.


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